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  • Rain
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    After an apocalypse in the unspecified "City X", outskirts of the city have become contaminated. People kill and steal to get their way. Kiri is different, though. She is living in a position where she decided to be innovative with her surroundings. Though the rain may be acidic, Kiri finds ways to make her life meani...

  • Sweet Dreaming | ✔
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    When Myla is adopted into a new loving family after she was neglected by her mother at six years old, she grows up with two werewolf fathers. Having moved away from her dads werewolf lives until she was eighteen, they move back to their pack house for Myla to discover what she truly wants in life now she is an adult...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Story
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    It's okay to not be okay. This is "My Story" - where people from all over Wattpad share their stories of struggle or mental health. Abuse, rape, depression, anxiety, stress, whatever you have endured, you can safely share it here anonymously and no one will judge or shame you. This is a safe haven. Walk up the path...

  • The Persona of Myriad 2
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    Following the first story, Myriad has integrated into her new home, Grand Metropolis, well, and this is now where she calls home. Being home, she enrolls in she'd final year of high school where she makes some new friends and some likely rivals. It seems as though Myriad has quite a roll to fill, as her friends need s...

  • The Book of My Life
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    Basically a bunch of events that have happened in my life.