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  • Coincidence (boyxboy)
    281K 11.5K 22

    Ryker, the new kid in school, meets Casper after he's been beaten up. Thanks to an art project they soon become close and both of them reveal secrets that no one else knows, family troubles, self harm and bullying. Their lives are both completely wrecked... Can they change that together and finally find... Love?

  • Finally Found You
    407K 18.8K 22

    When life separates Gavin and Zane at the young age of 6, they're both devastated for each losing their best friend. But life's cruel game didn't end there. When they're thrown back into each other's arms in the form of enemies, things get pretty heated because of one thing: They don't know they were best friends.

  • Sheets | ✓
    16.9M 696K 56

    [BxB] Waking up next to someone after having a little too much to drink was no new, riveting story in this day and age. Waking up next to another boy, when you were also a boy, was a little more interesting, but still nothing to write home about. But waking up in Nico Beckett's sheets? To Wesley, it was a nightmare c...

    Completed   Mature
  • complete me | woosan
    389K 21K 40

    [COMPLETE] "wooyoung, shut up!" "what?" "i didn't pull you in here to talk about yeosang. i picked you because i wanted to hook up with you." "w-what?" "just kiss me." ~ woosan is the main ship side ships include: yeosang x wooyoung yeosang x jongho yeosang x seonghwa seonghwa x hongjoong yunho x mingi ~ starte...

    Completed   Mature
  • grumpy ;; woosan
    405K 23.2K 36

    "oh, we've made eye contact." Choi San is often jealous that Jung Wooyoung gets a lot of attention, yet gets none from the latter male for himself. [ another cliche love story yay ] [ based off BOLBBALGAN4's songs, but mainly 'Grumpy' ] RANKS [ 🌌 #3 woosan - 27 September 2019 ] [ 🌌 #1 woosan - 28 September 2019 ] [...

  • Tattoo | WooSan
    172K 7.9K 16

    (A/N: previous username @/army0verhere) Everything you draw or write on your skin, appears on the exact same spot on your soulmate(s)'s skin.

  • sugar daddy || woosan
    130K 5.6K 18

    [FINISHED] Wooyoung is a struggling college student who can barely afford anything. But when San comes out of the blue offering help, Wooyoung immediately accepts. But when they start developing deeper feelings, will it all just stay business? tags! #4 in woosan !! {october 27, 2020}

  • Lick - woosan ATEEZ
    955K 40.8K 35

    ❝Just shut up and fuck me❞ ❝Gladly❞ -°°°- What happens when a fuckboy and an 'ex fuckboy' end up becoming roommates? -°°°- Mature content 💀 Top: Wooyoung / Bottom: San ATEEZ / KQ Fellaz Woosan fanfic fcklogic Some Minjoong (Mingi x Hongjoong)

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret || woosan
    38.5K 1.1K 18

    San and wooyoung are best friends, together in ateez known as woosan but they are only best friends to everyone else, to eachother... they're something special. *Discontinued*

  • soft - woosan
    1.4M 78.1K 43

    "you still sleep with a plushie?" "his name is shiber." in which san has trouble sleeping and wooyoung loses a bet. warnings: some triggering themes, sparse sexual content sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇᴅ: 10/02/19 ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ: 25/09/19 ☆ʜɪɢʜᴇsᴛ ʀᴀɴᴋ #1 - woosan 29/03/19 ☆ʜɪɢʜᴇsᴛ ʀᴀɴᴋ #1 - ateez 03/03/19 ☆ʜɪɢʜᴇsᴛ ʀᴀɴᴋ #1 - soft 25/05/19

  • Dumb - woosan ✔
    106K 4.1K 15

    have you ever saw a dumb bad boy who fall in love with a bullied student? ©URPOPPYFLWR, 2019

  • Badass Love -Woosan-
    16.2K 669 11

    Where San is the schools most popular and hot bad boy and everyone loves him but what if the school's finest bad boy comes back to take his throne should they feel threatened by each others presence or embrace each other Who knows read to find out^^^

  • Look at me||Woosan
    101K 4.8K 19

    "Why are you looking at him?" "I can look at who I want." "Only look at me." -in which san only wants wooyoung to look at him- -------- #28 In Woosan #20 In Woosan #10 In Woosan

  • Temptation ||woosan||✔️
    243K 11.3K 29

    " if you don't stop doing that , i won't be able to stop myself " -San After three years, San is reunited with his childhood friend Wooyoung. However, both has changed so much. But there is some unsettled business between those two. Ranked 1 in #Woosan (28/09/19) Ranked 1 in #JungWooyoung (02/12/19) Ranked 1 in # atee...

  • BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED]
    17.4M 584K 29

    "Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

  • Falling For My Best Friend
    974K 30.9K 34

    What's worse than being a guy in high school who figures out they are gay and they have a crush on another guy? Noah Chambers knows what's worse. Not only is he gay in high school, but he's the popular jock who has a crush on his best friend, Hunter Adams. *** Cover made by @atheniian :) Started: November 25, 2018 En...

  • My Bestfriend boyxboy (Completed)
    241K 7.1K 20

    Hi my name is josh but my bestfriend and my family call me Joshy. My life is great untill I figure out Im in love with my best friend Zeak. Josh Miller- 17, light brown hair, bright green eyes, perfect tanned body, star baseball player. Zeak Pearson- 17, dark blond hair, slim body, crystal blue eyes, bubbly personalit...

  • Chemical and Physical Changes (boyxboy)
    108K 3.3K 15

    Max Carters is the least popular kid in school. Zach Larson is the most popular guy in school. When they get paired to be partners on a Chemistry project They begin to fall for each other. Max's dad is a complete drunk. And when Max finds out things about him, he hates his dad even more. But did his dad actually do t...

  • Finally Said Yes (BOYxBOY)
    791K 19.1K 22

    A BOYXBOY humour story about two guys, one gay, one straight, fighting against their difference with each other to keep the friendship alive. Until Harley confesses his feelings for Tanner. What does Tanner have to say about that?

  • Only A Kiss - boyxboy
    201K 7.2K 25

    It was only a kiss - bit of summer fun. That was all. Holiday friendships dont often last so why bother learning each others names? You'd only have to go back home, discover you lived an impossible distance away and slowly lose contact. 10 years later and Castiel just landed his first big job after graduating. A bit l...

  • The Nerd Has Benefits (BoyxBoy)
    3.5M 105K 59

    (WARNING NOT YET EDITED) Just another cliché story about how the straight jock falls for the nerd. The only difference is, the nerd is hard to get. Copyright ©️ 2015 Disclaimer: This is a boyxboy story, which means there are same sex encounters. DON'T READ IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED!

  • Lockwood Academy Rivals
    1.8M 69.3K 27

    [BoyxBoy Romance] Freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Those are the years that Evan and Christian have known each other. Those are the years that they have hated each other. Or maybe not. ~ ~ ~ Evan Reed expects his senior year to be like a...

  • Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/
    3.8M 163K 39

    "You can't like him, you just can't!" "I know. It's wrong, but it's how I feel and I can't freaking control that." We've all heard the phrase 'The heart wants what it wants' or 'You can't control how you feel', and according to Nate, his life is just an example of that. (#5 General Fiction)

  • Nathaniel
    259K 8.8K 40

    "Why won't you let me in Aidan?" "BECAUSE I'M ABUSED! Happy now? No one likes an abused gay kid..." Nathaniel (or Nate to his friends) was the local badboy. He struggled to fall in love because of his complicated life. That was until he met Aidan. Please comment. Love to hear your guys thoughts! 💕 Best: 1 in #bxblo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Victorian Boy || l.s. ✔︎
    2.9M 126K 32

    Harry the virgin Duke of Somerset knows little of love, while Louis the sly Duke of Warwick knows too much. When the two dukes come together for the Bilsdale fox hunt in Yorkshire, Harry finds himself drawn into Louis' bed. But when secrets from Louis' dark past come to light, Harry fears that the fox isn't the only o...

  • Vampire Boy (BoyxBoy)
    174K 7.8K 14

    Daxx rarely ever leaves his home. If he does, he's clad from head to toe in black UV protective clothing and donning a parasol to protect him. As a home schooled student, he has zero friends (unless his Mum and siblings count), so things are looking pretty bleak for Daxx. Not to mention, the whole town calls him 'Vam...

  • The Captain ( boyxboy )
    1M 42.1K 34

    Harris Cooper is your normal 18 year old. Wild, adventurous, loved, intolerable but all the same great. What happens when he's forced to live around someone h'd typically hate?? What happens when he begins to have feelings he's not supposed to?? All rights reserved©

  • Changing Will [boyxboy]
    4.3M 151K 26

    Ethan is sarcastic and sassy. Will is careless and troubled. When Ethan sees how bad Will is struggling, he decides to help the 20 year old. But in order to help Will, Ethan realizes he must face his own dark past. As feelings and secrets emerge between the two boys, Ethan begins to question if Will is really as strai...

  • Boyfriend Shirt
    3.4M 150K 23

    "... Isn't that... My shirt?" "Huh?! Then how did it end up in my locker?!" We both froze, my face turning red as I looked down at the baggy material. How could I not have noticed? And why did he have to walk in just now? Christian watched me, his face slightly red as he moved closer. I closed my eyes, waiting for t...

  • Breaking The Jock
    2.4M 69.5K 27

    Meet Jordan, a shy eighteen-year-old boy, who had just started senior year in the sunny state of California. He's a quirky, nerdy boy who happens to like other boys and that's why people don't like him there. Enter Nathan, the star quarterback of the high school Jordan attends, he's a solemn and mature man respected b...