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  • Talks, Lists, and the depressing lack of motivation
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    Author book, Planning of Books included! and also random shet (That's me rn im crying because im still awake)

  • Otherworldly Discovery!
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    ( HI3 x Male Reader ) Earth, a Nice (Worst to some) place to live in, But the vast hidden items it has to offer has been yet to discover. which brings us to the man himself, (Y/N) (L/N) For all he knows, Today's Cave Exploration was the same as always, Study leftover runes and such. but all it took was a mishap to unc...

  • BanG DreaM! Straight Out Of Phone Party!
    1.3K 55 5

    WHY IS NO ONE DOING THIS?!?!? (Y/N) (L/N). A man with who's living his job as a Game Designer for the famous mobile game, BanG DreaM! Girls Band Party! Life sure is tough and rough as a game designer who's living in a house not that far away from civilization, but what if we start summoning band girls straight out of...

  • Assistance Required!
    1.2K 117 3

    ( BLUE ARCHIVE X MALE READER ) You! yes you! Did you know you got hired after your long journey of job hunting? Yeah! That's right! From now on, You'll be working as Schale Sensei's New assistant! Sensei had a loooots of workload so you'll be there to help Sensei out! So grab your stuff and prepare to move out! What d...

  • Bloodlust
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    • Arknights X Male reader • The battle between Rhodes Island and Reunion has not yet settled. as the battle between two sides got fiercer, Reunion decided to attack an innocent village, unknown to them, One had a thirst for revenge News of Reunion bases being slaughtered and burned to pieces scared both sides, Rhodes...

  • An ImPulse For Music (BanG Dream x male reader)
    36.5K 905 52

    ImPulse, A Band that was known for its excellent music, bid farewell to the world after the rise of girl bands in japan, taking this moment as their free time. leader of the band (Y/N) (L/N) decided to take a new job at a certain livehouse Follow (Y/N) and his band of misfits as they traverse back to the music industr...

  • Flag Of Hope ( Genshin Impact x Male Reader )
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    (Y/N) was just your average Flag Raiser in another world, however he gave up on his job and started a new life as a normal person. But his Job as a Flag Raiser wasn't over yet. and this time he would be helping someone else... Join (Y/N) as he supports Lumine to find her missing brother. A journey through Teyvat begin...

  • Your wish is our Command
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    • An Azur Lane X Male Reader X Girls Frontline • (Y/N) (L/N) was a hard working Squad Captain. making sure to follow his orders quick and efficient and leading his squad to victory. One day he received an important message from his general A Promotion Feeling excited at the thought of having authority, He instantly to...