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  • Tainted by You
    2.2K 161 22

    𝗔 𝗠 𝗬 When Amy Han Miller moves to Irisdale, she only wants to keep a low profile for the final two years of high school and be out of this town. When she crosses paths with her infuriating neighbor and resident bad boy of Anderson High, Liam, she wants nothing to do with him. Spoilt, rude, and arrogant - a devil...

  • Date Me, Mr. Archer
    223K 11.3K 52

    (Book 1 in If I Could Series) Fourteen alphabets. Four words. One text. And that was enough to upturn my entire life and all the beliefs I held about love. 𝗠𝗲 : 𝘋𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘔𝘦, 𝘔𝘳. 𝘈𝘳𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘳 And then I pressed send. - Vienna Bell, run by her parent's wishes, is forced to try for an interview and when she surp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rise to dawn ✓
    610 102 13

    dear 11:11, let me begin again in a new way, © meganljw 2022

  • The Villainess Will Not Bring Dishonor To Her Family
    8M 464K 173

    Rei, a former samurai lieutenant is reincarnated into the body of an 8 year old, who happens to be the main villainess in a romance novel for foreign girls. A villainess destined to be executed by her fiancé the crown prince for cruelty towards the heroine of the novel. To avoid being executed she must to make allies...

  • 2AM Talks| ✓ |
    781K 53.2K 25

    "Help me," a frightened voice whispered. "STOP CALLING, especially at 2AM! It was fun but nothing special, a o-n-e n-i-g-h-t s-t-a-n-d." "Wait, what happened last night?" The boy stifled a laugh, through tears. "Superman lost his spandex's-wait who is this?" "Batman." - A boy made it his mission in grade ele...

  • Behind The Scenes
    3.7M 108K 28

    Every once and a while you meet someone who throws a wrench in your plans. A person who messes with your heart and your mind, until one day, you find yourself falling hopelessly in love. And for Zoe Hamilton, that person was Ryan Adams.

  • Prithvi... [Vol 1] (Ongoing) (Winner of Wattpad India Awards 2019)
    818K 46.3K 31

    Winner of 'Wattpad India Awards 2019' in Both Popular Choice and Judge's Choice Categories. Note posted on 5 October 2022 'Prithvi' is an ongoing story. It was in 2008 that the story began to flow through me. I continue to be as passionate about it as I was back then. However, I do not know how long it would take to b...

  • Texting Him. | COMPLETED ✔️
    4.4M 191K 57

    ❝what was your first clue?❞ * Copyright © 2017 -#1 under the tag 'dialogue' 22/11/18

  • Never Have I Ever
    22.3M 316K 32

    Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than he can carry. Aria immediately dislikes him. But the line between hate and love is very thin, and a continuous game of Never Have I Ever may change everything.

  • Seoulmate (Soulmate #1)
    430K 21.4K 12

    It was the right place. It was the right time. He was the right guy. But it didn't last forever.

  • Love Punched | COMPLETED
    280K 13K 54

    ❝ I'm as much a bad-boy as you're an average girl. So I suppose that answers both our questions. ❞ •♤• Lila Smith's life was a perfect routine. Until the house next door became the devil's residence. •♤• Lila was average. Or so she claimed. With a stash of hidden insults she had no problem throwing at the bad-boy Der...

  • Vicious Fangs (Mystic Bonds #1) | COMPLETED
    230K 19.4K 56

    ❝ Let's find you a new home, shall we? ❞ •○• A cold Shifter General. A bloodthirsty Vampire Prince. A powerful Fae King. A mysterious protective werewolf Alpha. And a human girl. The question was - why were the strings of fate bringing them together? •○• 18 year old, sharp and vigilant Cara Arnel was one step away fro...

  • Pride and Prejudice (1813)
    10.1M 215K 61

    The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertf...

  • Tyrant
    8.9K 3K 43

    If you mention the past, you die. ~~~ Phoenix, a young woman living in The City, has grown tired of unjust deaths, brutal killings, and punishment for individuality. Chips implanted in the throats of citizens ensure every word is heard, deeming the freedom of speech to be nonexistent. Lies are uttered, trust is scatte...