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    2.9K 55 6

    Shandra wants to adopt a child as her own. When a boy named Miles comes along, she doesn't hesitate to take him in. However, he catches the eye of other female Aeromorphs who want him as well. Nothing could go wrong, right? (Inspired by Unidentified562's stories)

  • Tear In the Deep (Bioshock 2 x Big Brother Reader)
    15.5K 272 9

    Alright, Alright. I know what you guys are saying, "Look man! Your gonna have to continue with your other stories before you make another one that you may never almost update!" And your right, I should stop making more, but I can't help myself! Anyway, in this story, you play as a new genetically altered protector of...

  • My quirk is so much more (MHA x Murder drones)
    5.7K 103 19

    A boy named Izuku was told that his quirk would make him able to control over technology but after creating robots that have memories of not of this universe, would he be able to control or be controlled by a Ġ̵̱͓̜̪̣̦̇̏̓̌̔̊͒͝͠ļ̸̩̬͕̓͑̿́̓̓̆͒͘͝i̷̡̞̳̩̣̱̬̜̻͉̰͛ͅt̵̡̡̼͉͌͒̇́̆c̵̛̦̻͇̪͖͉̱̮̰̜̤͑͋͋h̶̨͇̺̯̔͗̉̍͆͗̐̿̾̇͂̈͘̕͠ MHA belongs...

  • Daddy is home (Murder drones x Male reader)
    12.6K 192 12

    this story I hope is good because bioshock is one of my favorites sagas of video games and I like the series of murder drones so I thought why aren't any story's of this two together.( also this going to be a small harem for the reader)

    4.3K 38 4

    *heavily tweaked and modified* This is a story of a teen that had a rough patch of life when he began highschool, but he decided to make the best of it. He became a brilliant hacker and engineer, but always wanted to do more. His two favorite things were tinkering and playing bioshock 2. Oddly specific, but who cares...

  • I Guess I'm Part Of The Crew(Male Reader x DC Super Hero Girls Harem)
    47.4K 1.4K 11

    You were just a normal school student trying to get by in his normal school life.But as fate would have it that's not what would happen.Instead you got wrapped up in a bunch of hijinks by wanna be big league super heros.....But hey at least you get to join on their hijinks.

  • born to leadership (Multiverse x brother of Optimus reader)
    6.9K 213 4

    Y/n was not a ordinary being but the younger brother of Optimus Prime. abandoned by those around him of Cybertron Y/n was left to wonder the planet Earth nearly alone. However after nearly being killed by a Decepticon Y/n learns the truth. He was an Autobot not some android. What will the boy do when he has the chan...

  • A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある パワ の Omnitrix)
    100K 2.3K 26

    (A certain magical Index and Ben 10 fan fic) Misaka Mikoto is a level 5 esper living in Academy City. Despite the occasional thugs, life is relatively normal for this girl electro master. That is until she meets Ben Tennyson wielder of the device known as the Omnitrix. Now with both the science and magic sides pulling...

  • Spark the Heart: (Male Ultimate Echo Echo Reader x Jenny Wakeman)
    2.2K 57 1

    One day in Tremorton, an odd robot begins attacking. A robot unlike anything Jenny has ever faced before and he proves to be a tough challenge. That robot is you.

  • Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainer
    21.3K 385 20

    Incineraor is a 6ft 5in Fire/Dark type pokemon who's a little too much for trainer. While it looks like she gives her trainer a hard time she actually cares deeply for them. In the outside she expresses herself through hardly any emotion due to her pride and toughness.

  • The Hospital Ship of Azur Lane (Slow Updates)
    39.9K 861 30

    The RCS Doctor Solace is a hospital ship operated by the Red Cross in the war torn Austronesian Republic. It is the only hospital ship belonging to the Red Cross capable of acting as both a hospital ship and as a shelter to the orphans, innocent civilians and former war veterans. One day, while en route to Vietnam, a...

  • Rogue-Repair-Ship
    156K 4K 29

    IJN Kohaku is the brother of IJN Akashi, the scam cat. He is one of the best repair ships on the ocean, but one day he leaves the Sakura Empire and becomes distant from any ship-girl he meets. Why did he leave the Sakura Empire? Why won't he join Azur Lane? OC ship-boy x Small Harem. I own nothing, not the picture...

  • Mobile Stratos (Infinite Stratos X Gundam Series Crossover Fanfiction)
    731 16 4

    Infinite Stratos or IS is an Exoskeleton that possess technology and combat capabilities and far more advanced system than anything at that time. Sounds very strong but, unfortunately it can only be piloted by woman due to the creator of it create it that way. At the same time when IS there's also a suit armor that be...

  • The Curse of Gundams (Gundam:Witch From Mercury x Male Reader)
    23.2K 817 15

    Suletta Mercury isn't the only new student who's transferred to Asticassia as another student arrives the same time as her, a new student from somewhere no one knows of. In this battle where giant companies compete in the race of designing the greatest Mobile Suits, what will happen when two machines of unprecedented...

  • Romping Around at the Speed of Sound~.(Fem Sonic Harem x Male Reader.)
    177K 2K 14

    Warning! There will be Lemons! All Characters participating in Lemons are 18+. I also do not own the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise or art I use(Still will list who the artist is though when I can.) Anything I use belongs to there rightful owners. You live in a strange world the only gets stranger every day and it seems...

  • Whispers Of What Once Was. (Whisper the Wolf x Male Reader.)
    25K 646 42

    The traumatized Whisper the Wolf sees how Dr. Eggman's grasp has destroyed the world, she tries to help where she can, and meets someone very special in the process...

    Completed   Mature
  • Legend's fall
    253 3 2

    Titanfall 2 Male OC x Apex Legends

  • Two Worlds Collide (Titanfall x Darling in the Franxx)
    92K 1.5K 25

    In this story, you, the protagonist, and your vanguard class titan, DB-5453, have been, for reasons unknown, dropped to the surface of a new world where humans are at war with strange creatures. Battered and confused your first objective is to re-establish comms with the militia fleet, but as your stay on earth lengt...

  • RE: Summoned to the parallel world of swords and magic as a titan pilot Vol1
    21.7K 891 41

    Overworking, underpaid, and frustrated. That is the definition of a certain person named Jack Cooper, an average adult American who is single for life. There's a lot of things to mind about when you call yourself an "adult". First is money, money is everything. Without it then you can't buy something to eat, you can'...

  • Code of the Two Worlds
    46.6K 541 26

    Daniel Thompson, born in North America Union in 26th century where scientific advancement exist and colonize entire planets throughout the galaxy. He is a college student as he invents a device to go to other world where US doesn't exist, and Japan has being conquered and colonized by Holy Britannian Empire. It's up t...

  • Mayhem (Fleetway Sonic Male Reader x Fem Harem
    11.3K 146 11

    In a separate take of the Sonic The Hedgehog universe, Sonic is replaced with the reader: Y/N the hedgehog. Being able to transform into a superior version known as "Fleetway", Y/N'll have one hell of an adventure, especially with a genderbended cast. Hey! I'm a new author, and just a big fan of Sonic as a whole. I d...

  • Time For A Little Surprise (Male Seelkadoom Reader x Fem Sonic IDW Comics)
    135K 3.4K 51

    After your defeat, sonic decided to spare you.You became something of a anti-hero like shadow and help them on their adventures.The mad doctor now has a new plan, let us see where that takes you

  • Master Of The Xenotrix (Ben 10 Series x Male OC)
    40.4K 585 11

    After spending 3 years in Wakanda, this stories hero, Dontai McKnight returns to America to go on a summer holiday with his childhood friends, Jennifer and Gwendolyn Tennyson on a road trip across the country with their grandfather, Max Tennyson. Little did they know, their first camp night would change the course of...

  • The adventures of Omniman
    77.5K 1.5K 136

    What happens when a normal summer vacation becomes so much more especially for two best friends who will go on a journey to become the greatest hero's of all time I do not own any rights to anything besides Y/n along with all other original characters I have made.

  • The Many Loves of the Amazing Spider-Man
    858K 16.1K 186

    The What If? stories of our favorite webslinger as each chapter shows the many relationships of Peter Parker or the Amazing Spider-Man with the heroines/villainess of his life! One-Shots Collection. The pictures in each chapter that has a separate picture, belongs to their respective artists

  • Web of love and chaos (Spider man reader x harem!)
    427K 6.9K 44

    Y'all are probably wondering why I'm doing a book like this one huh? Or why it's on spider man and not dbz or mha. Well, I was watching the spider man movie (the one with Tobey Maguire in it.) and I thought to myself "I should make a book on that!" And here we are... (this story is discontinued and is being rewritten.)

  • Division's Frontline (Male Division Agent X Girls' Frontline)
    43.8K 826 11

    The T-Dolls are given a strange, unspecific mission in the middle of a peaceful day. The only details given to them is that they are going to America, specifically Orlando.

  • Godzilla: Enter the Kaiju Girls!
    106K 1.9K 36

    Gojira's faced perils, fought countless battles with other godlike beings, and even the forces of Hell could not prevail over him. However, his struggle was far from over. He wasn't in his world anymore, not the one that belonged to him. This world belonged to the Kaiju Girls and Godzilla had no idea what was in store...

  • The Apex Legend Experience(Wattson x Male reader)
    41.1K 328 29

    This is the story of Yenin a legend arriving in season 6 after being on the run for 7 years after he killed soldiers that held his family hostage in his own home when he was just a teenager, and yea -This story is something I constantly imagine after reading a lot of other apex legends fan-fiction. -It won't be super...

    Completed   Mature
  • cheater daisy x Luigi male reader x super smash bros harem
    52.2K 445 10

    When you left, you were pissed, but now your back and better than ever.