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  • [TTIGRAASxDANMACHI] A new God arrives at Orario
    167K 5.1K 32

    [TTIGRAASxDANMACHI] Crossover Fanfiction. Rimuru was bored by paperwork , on of his wifes realised it and brought Rimuru to an idea. Travel to another World? Why not.

  • A Hero's will
    70.7K 13 1

    This is a story of a boy who was destined for greatest until a great tragedy occurred. How will Bell Cranel move on? Who will he meet? With his aunt and uncle with him along with his grandpa he will take the burden of being a hero to save the world. Will his destiny go through? The story will have some of the same plo...

  • Odr and Fey, Is It Wrong To Love Your Goddess?
    54.4K 1.1K 14

    Romance story with Bell, Ryuu and Freya.