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  • "It's Hero Time! Titans Go!" | Teen Titans X Ben 10 Male reader
    27.8K 726 11

    This is the story of Y/n Tennyson. At 10 years old, he discovered a mysterious alien device that fused itself on his wrist. This device, the Omnitrix, gives him the ability to turn into 10 different alien species. That was 5 years ago. Now, he's become a superhero and has teamed up with 5 other teenage superheroes to...

  • The Symbol Of Vengeance Rises | Red Hood Reader X Injustice 1 + 2
    16.9K 379 6

    A young orphan was caught stealing the tires off the Batmobile but instead of punishing the boy, Batman took him in as his own. Y/n L/n had become the successor to the Dark Knight's prized pupil, becoming Robin and eventually a Gotham vigilante known as Red X. However, Y/n's journey truly begins at the end of his life...

  • [OUTDATED] It's Gonna Get Weird! | Hazbin Hotel X Male Reader
    33.7K 741 3

    When you're an ancient godlike demon such as Y/n, the party never stops, time is dead and meaning has no meaning, existence is upsidedown and you reign supreme!!! Welcome one and all, to this Hazbin Hotel!!!!! Edit: THIS BOOK IS NOT CANCELLED, I JUST TAKE A WHILE TO UPDATE IT

  • Divine luck | Yoshikage Kira Male Reader X MHA
    18.7K 336 6

    Y/n Bakugo has always been lucky. So much so, that he believes luck is on his side. But little does he know, his life isn't as normal as he likes to think. Let's hope we can find what the fuck is going on together, shall we?

  • Let's Start The Trickster Game | Persona 5 Royal X Male Reader
    6.2K 138 6

    This book follows the story of Y/n Sakura as he accompanies Akira Kurusu and his friends on a journey to steal hearts. He even "steals" a heart of his own

  • Johnny Joestar Male Reader X JJBA Stardust Crusaders
    53.3K 995 12

    Y/n Joestar embarks on a journey to Egypt to assist Jotaro, his Nephew in defeating the man who has plagued the Joestar bloodline for decades, DIO