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  • I'm No Hero - Vigilante BNHA
    617K 26.5K 91

    y'all i'll be so for real this will be finished but it will take 20 years and some sort of godly substance. i edited it to be 1st person bc i was going through smth and i hate it so i gotta edit it again and i hate some things in this story but the world keeps going so i'm just going to try finishing it One more Chap...

  • (Completed)The Betrayed Marksman
    403K 5K 24

    Izuku is framed for stealing files and the murder of innocents. He is sent to CAS - 31 a high-tech prison which holds the worst of the world's villains. What happens when his innocence is proved. Find out now

  • What's A Hero? , Vigilante Izuku AU (Original writing)
    195K 8.2K 27

    Wolf Spiders are wild and crafty in their natural environments. So when a vigilante of unknown age, origin and mindset is named after the little critter, what are Japan's heroes supposed to do? A famous vigilante who is known for his personality, jumping skills and ability to remain under the radar has risen from...

  • Oh, I Catastrophize (MHA)
    278K 11.3K 21

    After being left behind by All Might on the rooftop, Izuku starts to see the world in a different way. He realises he doesn't need to be a hero to save people. A vigilante will do. And Aizawa is a tired caterpillar who cares too much for the kitten who roams the streets.

  • Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Deku) (TodoDeku)
    856K 27.5K 33

    At a young age Izuku Midoriya was pushed to the side. His mother left. His father either is never there, working or abuses him. Even his old best friend Bakugou bullies him. Izuku has long forgotten about his dream of becoming a hero deciding the world will never accept him. Instead he decides to become his own hero...

  • Vigilante Deku
    169K 3.7K 44

    The cover isn't mines I found it in Pinterest Izuku has had a hard life his mom and dad abuse him. His best friend turned on him, and to top it all off he's idol ruins his dreams Read as Izuku turns into a vigilante and catches the attention of a very tired hero I'm going to try to make this as long as possible and I...

  • Axis (old)
    131K 4.7K 79

    (Please note this fic is very messy and not actually complete. Another version titled Axis (new) is the one you should read first.) What does it mean to be a hero? That's a question for the ages. It seems morality loses to evil. Heroes are villains. Villains are heroes. Where is the line between good and evil? It...

    Completed   Mature