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  • The Witches Curse
    124 4 1

    Its Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. After last year he is learning the gifts he received from the founders of Hogwarts at the ancient cemetery. While following Hogwarts request he find a room unknowingly unlocking a curse. He has only untill Halloween to solve it and save the residences of Hogwarts.

  • The Sea Reaper
    376K 11.2K 17

    Gaea has fallen at the cost of Annabeth's life. Percy tried to cope, but just as he was getting used to his wise girl's absence, disaster struck. Now, Percy will have to enter a new country, fight in a new war, and try to survive his tutoring in the ways of the wand. Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and all characters from t...

  • Harry in slenderforest
    32.8K 1K 8

    7 year old Harry Potter's relatives abandon him in the woods. This can only go well, right? Harry potter creepypasta crossover VERY SLOW UPDATES.

  • Egged ( Tommyinnit AU )
    71.2K 2K 18

    Basically Tommy broke the egg but the it somehow... Became part of him... //NO SHIPS// This is my first time like his so please exuse me for the mistakes and grammar.

  • Underwater Friend (Harry Potter FanFiction)
    341K 11.6K 57

    Harry meets a siren while hiding from his cousin and his goons. The siren makes him question things about himself and the people around him. Which gets him to rethink on who he should really trust along with helping the siren remove the hate from her people. -Manipulate Dumbledore and Weasley mostly Ron, Ginny and Mo...

  • More then just Iron man
    28.2K 870 19

    We all have secrets, we have trust problems, has anyone been betrayed before? Tony stark has a secret not ever pepper, Rhodey or this team or shield knows. Tony is a mutant. When he was 5 years old that's when he become a mutant, when he turned 15 he got help controlling his powers...but who helped him? to find...

  • The Unwanted Little
    338K 8K 13

    Looking down at the stark white envelope Harry felt like he was going to be sick. He just couldn't believe they would send yet another letter to his relative's house about his classification. Quickly, before his relatives start asking what's taking so long to get the post, he stuffs the letter in his oversized pants t...

  • Dark Academia || Y/N || Boarding School
    4.4K 156 11

    In a household where y/n is mostly forgotten in. And in a friend group where y/n is mostly used in. Y/n decides that she will find her own place. Her own world where she belongs.

  • Drabbles
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    Small glimpses into the thoughts of a character

  • Dark Harry Potter
    194K 1.3K 34

    These are completed Dark Harry FanFictions, for those that like to read Dark Harry, but don't like to search for them. I hope you guys like my work and continue reading the FanFictions in them. Please, don't forget to comment and vote, on wish of the FanFictions was your favorite. ‼️Disclaimer ‼️: I don't own nor di...

    Completed   Mature