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  • Rainbow Quest Group Chat [Complete]
    19.5K 553 55

    The Steve Saga thought it be better if they made a Group chat specifically for Rainbow Quest, to give them more recognition, as well as to make sure they talked more about there own thing instead of always talking about what there predecessor aka the Steve Saga. Of course, unknown to the Steve Sagas, most of everyone...

  • Untainted Soul [Completed/Discontinued]
    5.4K 229 32

    Part 2 of Darkest Hour Ever since that day, Sabre hasn't been the same, he had lost his family. He was less like himself, Orange Steve didn't know how to help him, other then being there for him, that's the best he can do now in a situation like this. Making a Decisions, they decided to find a way to summoned the Rain...

  • Darkest Hours [Complete]
    11.6K 464 18

    Something had happened, what it was is yet to be known. The Hero had no choice but to send his infant friend and brother to a whole new realm in order to kepe him safe. It was the only option he had left. Saying his last goodbye, he sent him away, destroyed the portal and was soon killed. * The young infant cried, he...

  • His Lost Soul [Complete]
    5.4K 273 18

    Light and Dark. Opposite of one another. A lost Hero soul, left in two. Light Sabre and... Shadow Sabre. Shadow Sabre took control over Sabre, wheras the light, fight for control. However... Sabre, True soul was lost in another realm... Shadow Sabre was sealed away... Light Sabre stays in control, unable to see...

  • Steve Realm Group Chat [Complete]
    15.3K 313 46

    What would happened if the steves and the players are all in a group chat some how? Welp, now we know, because we all are gonna see the chaos that will happen. Although, they won't always be on a group chat, they still wonder around in the world.

  • Steve Realm Side Quest! [Complete]
    13.1K 264 34

    Note: This book no longer takes request. If you wish to send a short story request, do so in the 2nd Side adventure/One-shot Book This is actually a one shot story, but since there's already a lot of stories with the name 'Steve Saga One shot' and what not. I decided to call this by what's it called. You can request a...

  • Watching Assassin Creed Reboot Series
    4.9K 144 7

    Ever wonder what could have happen had the Steves from the Steve Realm discovered Sabre and Lucas past? Well, the Steves are in for a world of Shock, because they find out the most unexpected things about there two friends past, but also, a long forgotten secret. * This is the other and side story of Watching The Ste...

  • The Time Before (Discontinued)
    4.2K 89 14

    Four Steve have awaken in a void like place, known as the Seas of Souls. Confused, they were given a second chance to fixed there mistakes, to stop the infection, save the fallen Savior and Drop the enemy that was supposed to be long gone. Will they be able to do everything they can to save there world and there frien...

  • Watching The Steve Saga [Discontinued]
    3.9K 101 5

    Ever wonder what happens if the others watched the Steve saga all from sabre point of view and the beginning? Ever wonder what all the steves thought about it? Here it is. Also wat will they say about sabre of each episode? let's find out. (Discontinued)

  • Amnesiac Hero [Discontinued]
    4.4K 185 8

    Time passes by, He struggled against the Dark variant of himself. Refusing to accept his words. He struggled and struggled, his opposites laughed at him, telling him that he will fail. He will soon fall to the darkness that seeks to end all the Steves life. Refusing, he kept trying to gain control of his physical body...

  • The Countdown [Discontinued]
    2.6K 96 13

    The Countdown, have been going on. The bell ticking, as each days passed, time begins to run out for them all. All of the Steves, brought together into one timeline, must work together to saved all of there timelines and home, as well as find and saved there friends and hero. FavreMySabre and TheLSpike. The Steves f...