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  • [ON HOLD]Honkai Impact|The Truth Beyond|
    44.7K 1.2K 19

    This is a male reader story. Feel free to read it. Update 7/7/2023: How ya like my new cover? Story Description: This is a life of a young man whose true identity is unknown. And Y/n is his name until he remembers his real name... He is the son of an unknown man and an unknown woman who is the head of a shrine. In his...

  • The Day You Disappeared With The Stars (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfic)
    60.1K 1.8K 25

    Your Y/N L/N, a normal guy living a normal life, a former shut-in neat, you with your younger brother live in your decent apartment living a decent life, you have a decent job, a definite gamer and self-trained martial artist. But your life changes one night when you get a knock on your door. And when you open it, are...

  • Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader)
    304K 6.9K 47

    "Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.

  • What doesn't kill me makes me Stronger
    15.4K 380 12

    A young man fighting alone to survive another day in this cruel world, Will he embark in a journey of hardship and solitude or will he meet friends,loveones and companions that will be there for him and help him in his time of need? Read and find out. (Garou Male Reader X Honkai Impact 3rd)

  • Art Of The Elite (Kill La Kill x Male Reader)
    62.3K 1.7K 22

    (Y/N) Sorausagi, a man with great sense of art set his eyes upon The Honnoji Academy where he'll undergo many obstacles in his path to seek out the information behind his father's demise. But also, to express the true meaning of art in his journey. Just your ol typical Kill La Kill Fanfic! I do not own Kill La Kill A...

  • Captain is Ours. Source: Valkyries [HI3]
    551K 13.5K 55

    The Captain of the Hyperion. Capable of many things, and he's very reliable when he needs to be. His daily life is quite the usual with the Valkyries and they adore him quite a lot. That's why, if someone ever tries to take him away, they won't let that happen. Because the Captain belongs to them, and no one else. Co...

  • A Hope In The Flame (Female OC x Honkai Impact)
    57K 1K 41

    First my honkai impact fanfiction. All in the stories are non-canon, that is mean nothing will affect to the canon story inside Honkai Impact 3rd game itself. Big credits to Mihoyo & Hoyoverse

  • The Royal Maids
    134K 1.5K 25

    Since becoming the commander of Azur Lane (y/n) has noticed that all the girls have been flirtatious, however one group in particular isn't acting like their usual courteous selves

  • Power... I need more POWER!!! (RWBY X M! Reader)
    17.9K 474 5

    You are the second born of the Schnee Family but you weren't satisfied with your life so you abandoned everything for the sake of getting more power but perhaps there's is more than... Let's find out.

  • Flame-chasing Captain.
    36.7K 851 26

    It was April of 2017, deep within the Serbian landscape, and The Captain had been tasked with exploring a newly discovered underground base presumably connected to the Previous Era. Because of the knowledge given to him of the Previous Era by people like Tesla, Welt, and Einstein; he excepted to see nothing less than...

  • Golden Love (Eden x Male Reader)
    4.6K 150 5

    Eden is a famous singer around the world and an Idol among her fans. One night, Y/N (aka you) saved her life from her death. Since then, she determined to pay for what you've done for her. Y/N = Your Name This is my first "[Blank] x Reader" book as a refresher from many heavy series. GL won't be heavy like my othe...

  • A Certain Boy in a Valkyrie Academy (Honkai Impact 3 Fanfiction)
    62.2K 1.9K 22

    [REWRITE] St. Freya Academy, a school built to help train Valkyries; girls who can wield extraordinary powers. This girls are humanity's answer to a mysterious threat called the Honkai. That said, this extraordinary powers seemed to be more compatible to female then males. But this doesn't stopped Glynne as he enrolle...

  • Another Strange Experiment
    16.8K 342 11

    "Mind telling me on where am I?" *Static* "Great, communications are dead and I'm surrounded with broken equipments and knocked out researchers and soldiers scattered across the room." *Sighs.* A certain Arbiter is now having a headache on this situation. "This is clearly not in the simulations." This is just an idea...

  • Will They Notice Me?
    127K 2.1K 11

    (Y,N), nobody knew him. He was always ignored and didn't have anyone with him. Team RWBY and JNPR always were the attention in school, everyone likes them. no one even paid attention to (Y,N) not even his own team. Every one thinks (Y,N) is weak and a coward, but the truth is, he's not. He's is actually the strongest...

  • A New Character [Honkai Impact 3 X OC]
    156K 4.3K 101

    Meet Ray, and his sister, Lei. When they were still in school, a honkai eruption suddenly happened. But, both of them didn't turn into zombies? How is that possible?

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia: Legend of the Male CPU (HDN x Male Reader)
    52.3K 600 28

    An anomaly happens once all three dimensions that the CPU's have combined into one full dimension. The Hyper Dimension, the Ultra Dimension, and the Zero Dimension. The CPU rulers of their nations all unite and try to find the source of the problem, but their answer is deadlier than they thought as a mysterious new vi...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Way To Tomorrow: A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfic
    25.6K 712 17

    A boy is reincarnated into the world of Honkai as a member of the fairer sex. When put into the Cocolia Orphanage and paired up with the most sadistic of them all, just what would happen between the two? When given power operating beyond the world, just how far will our protagonist change this world? Will she steer i...

  • Me? I'm the son of the void Anime Crossover x Bullied Male Reader
    351K 6.8K 97

    ??? : YOU DARE DO THIS TO MY SON?! YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE ALL DONE TO MY BOY!! ??? : M-Mom? Y/N L/N, student of Union Acedmy is what you call the punching bag of his school. He hated life, he hated everything because they went against everything their values in that school 'to make our students into mode...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unusual Pair Of Eyes (Honkai Impact X Male Reader) [On Hold]
    118K 2.7K 24

    "Pitiful, isn't it? If things were a lot more different back then, you and I...there's no doubt that we will get the happy ending we deserved...Sirin." _________________________________________ You know nothing about your parents. You don't know why you have these powers. You were an orphan before you were brought to...

    7.2K 240 6

    ''It's beautiful, isn't it?'' An alluring white-haired girl with a pair of cerulean eyes that is as azure and deep as the ocean, stood with Y/N. Her soft and silky hair dancing with the wind, a smile that can melt millions of hearts, that even the sun dare not to come out from behind the clouds, knowing it cannot join...

  • La destinée des mondes
    146 29 14

    Warne n'est pas comme tous les êtres de son peuple. Il possède ce petit quelque chose qui le rend si différent, et va l'emmener très loin de ses terres, dans des lieux plus dangereux que ceux qu'ils connaissaient. Traversant les terres de Dalizore, et d'Ampalisse il va devoir ne faire qu'un avec ses dons et ses talent...

  • Can a Herrscher really be good? (DISCONTINUED view last chapter for reasoning)
    2.1K 56 7

    This is my first fan fic so please be nice :)

  • R.I; ARK
    51.9K 1.5K 25

    Your run of the mill Isekai book where you, the reader, gets sent in Terra, by none other than Truck-kun himself. Nothing could go wrong... right? A rewrite of a book @NEROSAMADA wrote. (Scratch that, this is like taking the concepts of that book and using it to write my own story-) You can probably guess what it is...

  • Change to Reality (Honkai Impact 3rd x Male reader)
    3.6K 82 6

    Y/n is a normal person like any other. He loves to play Games especially Honkai Impact 3rd but over the Time he plays the game he noticed paralels. He and his two friends decide to use there knowledge to support humanity to the fullest and try to prevent certain moments.

  • magical girl lyrical nanoha: the rise of the god of destruction
    1.3K 27 7

    this follows my oc Jay as he and his adoptive little sister nanoha hunt down jewel seeds after meeting a talking magical ferret named yuuno. Will they succeed or will they fail? equip with a intelligent device named Model Zero follow him as he becomes the ace of aces and the god of destruction. Weak(season 1 to A's) t...

  • Honkai (Full) Impact: Everlasting Fate
    136K 3.8K 37

    This is a Male Reader Story and it's my first story. So it might have a shitty schedule and some plot holes or typos so bear with me. And this has an original plot so yeah :v Ok Monke explain Time - This is a story of a Young Man who wants to save the world,A world in a dark time and a dark place as many evil lurk in...

  • A Tale About a Slime And a Herrscher / Tensura X Genderbended Reader
    21.9K 533 5

    (Tensura x genderbended reader) Herrscher. The word in german for "Lord" "Ruler" or "Sovereign." This is the word used as the name for someone who has merged with an special energy called "Honkai energy" an evil and highly dangerous energy that has caused various disasters across the world, as i said already, a Herrsc...

  • Azur Lane : Demonic Blacksmith Ivan
    7.1K 99 5

    Ivan was in previous Holy Grail War. Now there is a singularity that only him can join. So he wonders Through Island of Azur Lane. But to his Reaction. A girl with armaments? what are those. Alaya he sent me here? with girl with armaments with floating in the water? how is this possible?

  • The Wandering Witch And Nightfall Mage
    421 8 1

    Just a typical dark story that I write.