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  • Multiverse v Wolfenstein
    38.7K 273 9

    A multi-dimensional portal made by Nazi and it was destroyed by BJ Blazkowicz causing to bring every character from every universe transported to Wolfenstein world. What would they react about tyrannical advanced empire of Third Reich won the WW2? Will they able to fight to find a way home and save earth from Nazi? ...

  • The Overlord Trio
    1.3K 24 8

    basic premise a different Isekai group enters the new world lets see what stays the same and what changes and how will a more kind hearted group will react to the cruel nature of the world of the new world hope you'll enjoy

  • Berserker Hero: The Rising of the Shield Hero X Male Reader
    334K 5.6K 24

    Stories tell of a forgotten Hero amongst the legendary cardinal heros, there used to be a fifth hero that the kingdom is trying to snuff out. The fifth Legendary Hero is the wild and untamable... Berserker. I don't own Rising of the Shield Hero or Fate/Stay Night.

  • Power Rangers: Ancient Fury Unleashed
    127 19 6

    Hunter Chase is a boy who wears a mask to hide the hideous scar on his face. After an amazing encounter with a power ranger he is met with a secret from his grandfather. This secret combined with help from new found freinds allows for Hunter to become what he always dreamed to be. However, when he discovered his power...

  • Ainz the hero (Overlord x rising of the shield hero)
    7K 168 7

    Instead of ainz being in Nazarick instead when yiggdrssil shuts down he is transported to Melromarc

  • Anime Reacts to World Jumpers(Shield Hero)
    37K 506 32

    Deciding to take a break from Lyla's journey as the Ghost, Genesis decides to show the new guests his little pet project. Takes place after the current intermission in Anime Reacts to A god's journey

    Completed   Mature
  • tsukimichi moonlit fantasy Berserker
    8.9K 136 24

    A player once name Susano who played in a vrmmorpg which was a Yggdrails inspired game with many races and customization as it seems its servers were shutting down after a few years unable to keep up as most members of the Guild Dragon hearted left before the servers ended one lone player would stay as he felt loneli...

  • The Rising Of The Shield Hero Summon
    35.5K 767 36

    It would seems the protagonist of this story is given another ability from someone to aid him in his quest in a new world Will this hero achieve life in this new world to stop the waves and return to his world or will destiny take him to a different path then the one he was intended with With the help of the new allie...

  • Grand Foreigner (Chapters 1- 200)
    212K 9K 200

    Ainz in the FGO! Will it be a challenge for him? (Spoiler: No). No roflstomp, no hate, no bashing. Just pure Ainz magnificence in play. Also, I have Patreon: All chapters will eventualy be free on this site, but you will find a lot of chapters ahead of schedule there (at least 6 chapters a...

  • The 2 Lords (dragon platinum lord OC Rikku X How not to summon a demon lord )
    16.6K 292 26

    I do not own any of the characters or story elements and it may have timeskip due to certain scenes so sorry this is a what if story of a rival of diablo who take a form of the new race dragon race which has its pros and con he is also a summoner which was look down upon in the game Cross Reverie but has a unique abi...

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Fairy
    86.2K 1.5K 10

    (Y/N) get stabbed protecting his younger sister when he awoke he meets a Slime and Dragon. (I don't own Tensura and Nanatsu no Taizai It's Fuse and Nakaba Suzuki respectively.)

  • konosuba iron will
    954 15 8

    it would kazuma would be enjoying his life only for his time to come early to meet up with the goddess to be soon transported to another world to only see another person from another world not of japan will the towns of beginnings survive from kazuma with the mysterious figures as well as the monsters find out in the...

  • The Third Faction of Apocrypha
    120K 1.9K 8

    After saying his farewells to Rin, Archer willingly returns to the Throne of Heroes to continue his eternal duties as a Guardian of the Counter Force. Only to be thrown to another, larger war with familiar faces, fierce enemies and much higher stakes than before. Fate/Stay Night x Fate/Apocrypha FanFic. Fate franchis...

  • Adam in the Fate series
    787K 12.9K 55

    These are interactions I made about Adam - from Records of Ragnarok - being in the Fate series. This is not a Fan Fic, but merely interactions.

  • One punch man the Residents Of City Z
    21.2K 569 52

    we know how saitama was alone till genos came but what if there were some other people with saitama at city Z as neighbors which some of them were monsters or demons that didn't feel violent type how would things change Will the hero association find them, will the monster association try to recruit them, or they stay...

  • OVERLORD: Paladin of Pure Silver
    43.4K 805 18

    On the last day of YGGDRASIL. Touch Me was the sole remaining members of Ainz Ooal Gown that stay until the curtain was close. but instead of getting log-off, he got transported to a new and mysterious world.