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  • Steven Universe: Project Multiverse Part 2
    2.1K 105 24

    Steven Multiverse Series #2 The Diamond returns! With a new game to play and a goal of universal proportions, he will stop at nothing until many universes are combined into his own universe of greatness. Here, he will rule. Here, he makes the rules. Now, The Steven Multiverse Force will have to band together once agai...

  • Steven Universe: Project Multiverse
    7.3K 231 20

    Steven Multiverse Series #1 The Diamond. A power-hungry being who has gained an energy strong enough to access the multiverse. And with it, he combines four Universes to make his own. With them, comes four Steven Universes. Now, these Stevens must work together to save the multiverse and everyone in it. Hopefully, the...

  • No Adults Allowed
    55.8K 2.3K 32

    The grown-ups are all gone and children rule the new world. Harry lives in a strange utopia: resources are plentiful, the climate has stabilised, there is peace. His village is watched over by an invisible force that keeps them all from danger - but is it protecting them, or holding them back? Join Harry and his frien...

  • Coming back to you [Completed]
    10.1K 140 8

    *Disclaimer* I don't own the song,music,video,pictures,characters,or Pokémon. Credits goes to the owners. Ash and his Pokémons returns to Kalos to meet there friends. Serena was so excited to see Ash and Braxien was so excited to see Greninja. Ash and Greninja has a crush on there loved ones Will Serena and Braxien c...

  • Pokemaster Betrayed
    62.4K 689 11

    Ash Ketchum after getting done the Kalos league expecting to be greeted by his friends and family but he wasn't. Living in Alola he doesn't want them to ruin his new life. He wants to forget the betrayal

  • Betrayed to being the Very Best!
    27K 198 9

    Ash's friends betray him, unaware he is the Alolan Champion! Ash reunites with his Alolan Gang, and they agree to help him beat Monarch Leon in the World Tournament!!!

  • Pokemon: Colosseum & Gale of Darkness!
    13.7K 241 19

    I decided to take @MissUnpopularOpinion -'s advice and do a Pokemon Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness story, so here goes nothing!!!! Ash's so called 'friends and family' all of a sudden turn their backs on him, leaving the most loyal companions by his side! Two months after those events, Ash and his friends end up in a...

  • Kraken Sin Of Hate (SDS)
    23 1 3

    You know the 7 deadly sins. but, did you know there was a 8th sin? Sir Gawain of the Holy Knights was convicted of murder at Age 16. One of the legendary immortal Diety-Men, he murdered the Holy Knight Noah The Cruel. In response he was imprisoned and found by Meliodas who made him a member of his team as, Gawain The...