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  • COTE: 1 Year Older [ONGOING]
    115K 4.2K 17

    What If Kiyotaka was 1 year older? What if he attended at the same time Kiryuuin, Asahina and Nagumo attended ANHS? Wouldn't that be awesome? That's actually what this book is all about so go and read it :) Now let's start the summary. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, escaping from the whiteroom, he was helped by his butler named...

  • Izuku Hijo Adoptivo De Vegeta
    62.1K 3.1K 30

    Izuku fue abandonado por el simple echo de no poseer un quirk, su vida iba a terminar por su propia mano pero su vida cambio al ser salvado por vegeta, también cambia al conocer a una niña de pelo azabache y ambos tendrán un entrenamiento para convertirse en héroe junto a sus amigos, sin embargó aquí también inicia un...

  • Quintessential Quintuplets ❌ OC/Male reader
    15.3K 134 9

    This story is for the Quintessential Quintuplets fans who like the Quintessential Quintuplets part of the harem story. The entire school marvels Y/N's beauty, but only a lucky 5 will get to experience it. --- --- --- --- --- --- No BS, no Futaro, no cafeteria meeting. Just the male reader/oc and the quints (And maybe...

  • Re:Classroom Of The Elite
    87.8K 2.5K 12

    Because major security breach made the government finally shutting down white room permanently, every children that left survived are sent to rehabilitation or some send to family that want to adopt them. Kiyotaka as the WR masterpiece are adopted by the Ayanokouji family and because his wish to experience how it fee...

  • Love in the dungeon
    29.3K 418 6

    This story takes place if Bell joined the Loki Familia

  • El amor actúa de manera diferente
    132K 9.8K 18

    Izuku y Saiko un romance entre dos estudiantes de diferentes escuelas. Leer el prólogo para eliminar dudas. La imagen no es mía y no se quien es el que la dibujo

  • The New Girl {Darling In the Franxx}
    204K 4.7K 34

    Alternate Universe. Hiro thought that this was gonna to be just another normal school year. Another year at the Franxx High school, with his friends. But when a new girl arrives at the school, with a deep secret that she hides, she puts his world upside down. Hiro starts expericing new feelings, new adventures as he...

  • Surging Love (Izuku x Nejire) BNHA
    228K 2K 79

    Nejire and izuku fall in love dats it dats all Enjoy