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Paint you Naked [MINSUNG] by 8matryoshkas
Paint you Naked [MINSUNG]by Nay is back <8
In which Jisung takes his girlfriend on a trip to Paris with some of their friends, and Minho is a street artist in the city of love. Side ships: Changlix Seungjin Jeong...
Hoodie Season [Changlix]  by 8matryoshkas
Hoodie Season [Changlix] by Nay is back <8
In which Felix knows it's wrong to be in love with his band mate, so he steals his hoodies to feel him close. ~part of my short stories series Tw: Internal homophobia Se...
24 to 25 [Straykids] by 8matryoshkas
24 to 25 [Straykids]by Nay is back <8
Short stories - Changlix - Minsung - JeongChan - Seungjin Literally inspired in the amount of gay content the MV gave us of these specific couples and I'm still freakin...