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SnapShots by ShortStory
SnapShotsby Short Story | Ambassadors
Welcome to Snapshots by WattpadShortStory! In which we share weekly activities, fun facts, question of the week, short challenges, and much more!
Question of the Week  by WattCliches
Question of the Week by WattClichés
〈Everything starts with a giant question mark〉 This book consists of questions by WattClichés. Every week one question will be asked. Wait, don't run! We are not going t...
Off the Subject by bribabledrake84
Off the Subjectby Jade Elizabeth
A book made for entertainment when you're feeling down, or bored with nothing to do. Ask your friends these questions, or post your response in the comments below. You...
Questions of the Week (Hiatus) by zayn_rainberry
Questions of the Week (Hiatus)by ✨𝚁𝙰𝙸𝙽𝙱𝙴𝚁𝚁𝚈✨
@zayn_rainberry's Questions of the Week, questions are every Tuesday/Thursday.
Question of the Week by childrensfiction
Question of the Weekby Children’s fiction
English: This is the #QuestionOfTheWeek book by @Childrensfiction, in which a question is published every Sunday in the four languages ​​English, Spanish, French and Ger...
Question of the Week by TheAnimeverse
Question of the Weekby The Animeverse
Want to see previous questions of the week? Want to see which one we're currently on without scrolling? Check out this book to participate in here.
Quote Of The Week (QOTW) by Simp_For_You
Quote Of The Week (QOTW)by Katie
Hello guys these are quotes that I will try to update once a week maybe more if I feel like it. Enjoy! Also if someone can make me a cover for this that would be greatly...