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DESTINY'S   LOVE by Riyasingh1122
DESTINY'S LOVEby I {•----» 🎀 𝓋𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶 𝒻❤𝓇...
Star-faced Lovers by WritingxNicole
Star-faced Loversby Nicole
Star-crossed lovers? Nah, that term is overrated. More like star-faced lovers. When acne tries to ruin Kara's date with her long term crush Lucas, Big Yellow is to the...
Planetary Blues by heyitsjojowriting
Planetary Bluesby Joanne
Big Yellow finds a struggling youth on a distant planet suffering from stress. What will happen next?
Bella and Big Yellow save the day by PrincessMishelle
Bella and Big Yellow save the dayby Mishelle
Bella the super pup takes on a tough battle with Big yellow against the pimple asteroids!
Starface Saves the First Day  by Panjam_
Starface Saves the First Day by Wes
Starface saves Diana Windsley from the trouble of acne on her first day back to school!
The Night Before by Sincerely_Ivyyy
The Night Beforeby Ivy
This short story is for the Star Face contest. Madison is helping Big Yellow fight the Zit Scoundrels, in return, he'll help her with her acne.
Mission H.Y.D.R.O by Honeygills
Mission H.Y.D.R.Oby Eklavya
The New Earth is ridden with a new kind of species - The AcMona - parasites that feed off a person insecurities, and finally evolves to a transmutated virus. Death and c...
Harry Potter-New Generation by angelicachirinos26
Harry Potter-New Generationby Angelicachirinos26
After 12 years of the last event at Hogwarts, Estela had a car accident on December 12, 1999, hit the road and was found in front of the mansion, now she yearns to go ho...
Spaced Alien. by JurneeAndCody
Spaced JurneeAndCody
Alternative Story. Alien kidnapped and no rescue coming. Going to another Planet and trapped he's going to suck for a while and there's no way he's going to get attached...
StarFace by kolorMeWrite
StarFaceby kolorMeWrite
Starface visits dreams too
Fight Against The Stars by SleepyHead153580
Fight Against The Starsby SleepyHead153580
Join Norma as she and Big Yellow fight off the Hydro Stars in space before they start spreading pimples to others! Will they stop them or will the Hydro Stars end up st...
Horror Button by MyraHaia
Horror Buttonby Myra Haiak
#Starface Epidemics of pimples for a first date, horror! Fortunately a little star a little curious will save the day! #prise of self-sufficiency
Radeon Radiance by NancySnb
Radeon Radianceby Nancy Snb
Radeon Pike was in love with Gidi Reed. Gidi was a popular girl who he felt he had no chance. He decided it was time to do something about it but wasn't sure what. That...
I Confess: A kotlc fanfic by Kotlcisthebest24
I Confess: A kotlc fanficby Harley
It starts with a sleepover and then turns into love. Ships are Marellex, Sokeefe, Litz, and Tiana.
The Hero that joined the starface(Contest Entry) by KingdomZone06
The Hero that joined the starface( KingdomZone06
the main character joins forces with starface Also known as Big Yellow to save the galaxy from an evil that wants to conquer the entire Galaxy
In a Galaxy not far Away by ghost_writer_365
In a Galaxy not far Awayby shadow writer
When you get ready for a date, but all of sudden you eat some weird interplanetary food and a pimple shows up. Will you be able to defeat it before the date or will you...
Star Face Your Fear  by jungheimartgmailcom
Star Face Your Fear by Young -heart- art
#Starface challenge - Claire faces her nerves and auditions for a local Kpop dance group!
Big Yellow and Y/N! (#Starface Writing Contest Entry) by 1gn1hyd3_1nd1g0
Big Yellow and Y/N! (#Starface emil/pillow
Y/N has acne on their date night. Big Yellow can help with that! (Gender Neutral Y/N because all genders can get acne, and Big Yellow does NOT discriminate!)
Steal The Show by moon_beamx
Steal The Showby Mary
Asteria...meaning 'of the stars,' was born to be one. She landed her first role as a leading actress in her high school's play. But she wakes up the morning of with a br...
The Untold Feeling by k_2330
The Untold Feelingby k_2330
What is Life ?? Most of the times, I think about the life "what the actual life is". It is very difficult to understand what the need is to live. According to...