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Regaining Happiness Through the Book of Doomsday by mahalakshmiponsing
Regaining Happiness Through the Bo...by mahalakshmi ponsing
The original owner, Tian Yuerong, has always been unable to understand why it was me who crossed over. Since I have come and can't go back, then why should we work hard...
{MTL} ✅[Space] Rebirth in the end of the world by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL} ✅[Space] Rebirth in the end...by pearlSM........yaoi
-------------COMPLETED----------- Zhuo Yuan was unwilling, angry, and remorseful that he and his best friend died miserably by a slut in his last life! God told him to d...
Joker The New King by RereAU
Joker The New Kingby 𝘙𝘦𝘳𝘦
In a world where power is the only thing that matters, Joker climbed up rank out of hatred. Living as a cripple was proven impossible, and he had enough of it. But he di...
Return to the Famine by mahalakshmiponsing
Return to the Famineby mahalakshmi ponsing
In the last life, Tang Mo accidentally lost her own space jade pendant when the end of the world opened, lost her biggest gold finger, and later practiced abolished abil...
Second Chance by JohnDavidsJDS
Second Chanceby John
Taking his fathers words to heart, John Doe returns to Wellston with the intention of expelling himself from the hierarchy; attempting to turn over a new leaf with the o...
Cote: The Demonic Ninja by 9crimsonsage
Cote: The Demonic Ninjaby 9CrimsonSage
Ayanokoji, the only survivor of the demonic fourth generation, is killed in a freak accident. He gets reincarnated into a world where giant monsters roam the planet and...
Rebirth: The Queen Is Back by Xiao_Nai5k
Rebirth: The Queen Is Backby Noah
In her previous life Amy was used as a substitute for the real daughter of the Aurora family. But when she opened her eyes again she found being back into time 3 months...
Interstellar land reclamation: the first big planter by ruwen05026
Interstellar land reclamation: the...by Jieun
Author: 芰裳 Category: Science Fiction Space Yu Crispy was originally a botanist, and she should have won the highest award to be applauded by the people of Blue Star, but...
✔Wooden supernatural being reborn in the last days by prince05026
✔Wooden supernatural being reborn...by Seokmin
Author: cut trouble Category: Science Fiction Space Leng Ning died, in the fifth year after the end of the world. Yes, an old drama about being betrayed by a lover and a...
{MTL} ✅After The Abyss Dragon Woke Up by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL} ✅After The Abyss Dragon Woke...by pearlSM........yaoi
Shi An is the last Abyss Dragon in the world. Since he was bored, he decided to go into a deep sleep while hugging his treasures. After fifty thousand years of satisfyin...
The Dating Sim is a Horror Game by Gilthur
The Dating Sim is a Horror Gameby Reinhart
He didn't realize that he was living in a world of dating sim until he was enrolled in that Academy. Daydream Academy- The number one school in the world that accepts...
In the apocalypse the male lead blackened (MTL) by 12teddybear34
In the apocalypse the male lead bl...by 12teddybear34
Before the end of the world, Xue Xiao confessed her true feelings to the male lead: "You and I are the best in the world! I love you more than anyone else in the wo...
The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse by IrisJoyTemplo
The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practic...by Iris Joy Templo
Lacking a pocket dimension, lacking a power, lacking a thigh to hug onto and the three life advantages (money, power, and looks), he had been cautiously living in the ap...
Unbound (Unbound, Book 1) ~Formerly Casting Power~ by SashaLeighS
Unbound (Unbound, Book 1) ~Formerl...by Sasha Leigh
Noreena's magic will consume her if she allows it to be set free. She's sure of it. When her mother decrees that Nora's powers will be unbound after graduation, Nora kno...
I'm the Alpha's Mate by TheSydneyMarie
I'm the Alpha's Mateby Sydney
(Completed) Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. Always at her side, the Goddess of the moon...
Supernatural highschool by Genius_in_training_x
Supernatural highschoolby Genius_in_training_x
I lived the first 10 years of my life thinking I was normal - that I was human - but that image was shattered when the incident happened. Now, 6 years later, I just try...
(MTL)After wearing the book, I spoiled the disabled boss by Darkknight123457
(MTL)After wearing the book, I spo...by Darkknight123457
https://m.shubaow.net/75/75724/ Author: silver grey Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2019-11-10 Latest: Chapter 130 Epilogue rebirth finished 418,000 This ar...
Rebirth: Bringing Space to the Apocalypse by mahalakshmiponsing
Rebirth: Bringing Space to the Apo...by mahalakshmi ponsing
In Yang Qian's previous life, she put it nicely as an ordinary life, but in fact it was nothing more than a life of failure! In this life, she was finally born rich and...
[MTL]Starting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]Starting Assets Increased By...by PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : SAIBT Alternate Title : 开局资产提升一万倍 Status : Completed Author : I have a battery car Genre : Urban Life Weekly Rank : #790 Monthly Rank : #1507 All...
Against the God: End of the Gifteds by suneowara
Against the God: End of the Giftedsby ʀᴀᴍᴇɴ ɴɪ ᴠɪɴɴʏ
GIFTED SERIES #5 Everything has come to an end. To the book, 'The Gifteds', where it all started. It's now against them and to the one who gave them gifts. It's the end...