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✓ The last days are reborn by prince05026
✓ The last days are rebornby Seokmin
Author: West red persimmon soars into the sky Type:.Tanmei Homo Zhao Fan died five years after the end of the world and was reborn twenty-five days before the outbreak o...
Being a Hamster in the apocalypse is a breeze  by geneva567b
Being a Hamster in the apocalypse...by Nava
Little Hamster, "Daddy daddy, I have food! All of it's yours! Even me!!!" ---- Wu Yi (May 1) was only a little hamster, his nickname was Chou Chou (stinky). He...
Regaining Happiness Through the Book of Doomsday by mahalakshmiponsing
Regaining Happiness Through the Bo...by mahalakshmi ponsing
The original owner, Tian Yuerong, has always been unable to understand why it was me who crossed over. Since I have come and can't go back, then why should we work hard...
[BL] Run with the Ball in the Last Day by Erishi_An
[BL] Run with the Ball in the Last...by Sylvie
Run with the Ball in the Last Day 末世之带球跑 Author: 萝卜精 Status: 66 Chapters (Completed) Fangcheng lives very humble. The last days are coming, Xu Yi is still the strongest...
I am BTS' bodyguard || V x OC x JK x Suga by ssomethingseriouss
I am BTS' bodyguard || V x OC x JK...by SomethingSerious
- COMPLETED - After escaping a military experiment camp, Ae Ri finds herself struggling with the changes her body is going through, after they experimented on her. They...
✓ My Taobao future by koushuu17
✓ My Taobao futureby Eijun
Author: Smell the fragrance and recognize the beauty Category: Danmei fan fiction Status: Completed  This is the story of Xiao Shou who travels to the future and discove...
Doomsday Rebirth Mutual Favor (Completed) by Theint_610
Doomsday Rebirth Mutual Favor (Com...by Theint
‼️This story is not mine ‼️ MTL ( machine translation ) OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY raw link : https://m.shubaow.net/135/135124/ Author: night breeze Category: Danmei Fans Rel...
Rebirth: The Queen Is Back by Xiao_Nai5k
Rebirth: The Queen Is Backby Noah
In her previous life Amy was used as a substitute for the real daughter of the Aurora family. But when she opened her eyes again she found being back into time 3 months...
Classroom of the Elite: Monster Academy by Nuach_
Classroom of the Elite: Monster Ac...by Nuach
"The Masterpiece had escaped." In order to be free of his pursuers, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka had found himself enrolling into the prestigious Advanced Nurturing Spi...
✔Wooden supernatural being reborn in the last days by prince05026
✔Wooden supernatural being reborn...by Seokmin
Author: cut trouble Category: Science Fiction Space Leng Ning died, in the fifth year after the end of the world. Yes, an old drama about being betrayed by a lover and a...
I Like The Man Who Is Said To Be A Villain by Iwannaeattofu
I Like The Man Who Is Said To Be A...by Iwannaeattofu
Author(s) 一曲日水吉 Status in COO 103 Chapters (Completed) Original Publisher jjwxc Description Su Yunxi read a post-apocalyptic novel, and fell in love with the super invin...
Rebirth in the apocalypse: Rookie siblings Gaga stock up and win by CNovel_Reader
Rebirth in the apocalypse: Rookie...by Kay
Rebirth in the apocalypse: Rookie siblings Gaga stock up and win Original title: 末世重生:菜鳥姐弟嘎嘎囤貨躺贏了 Author: Mo Xiaoxi https://www.bifengzw.com/read/AgZYBAFV.html https://w...
✓The apocalyptic scourge of rebirth by ruwen05026
✓The apocalyptic scourge of rebirthby Jieun
Author: Lang Hua Dot He died with resentment on the weekend, the end times were so difficult, he gave the best to his girlfriend and brother, but when the secret of his...
✓ I will open a bathing center in the last days
   by koushuu17
✓ I will open a bathing center in...by Eijun
Author: April Cherry Ji Link; https://www.84kanshu.com/book/94937705/ ( Readers I was not able to post chap 28 and 111 because wattpad wont let me 😭) The apocalypse i...
Kaiser of the New World by Kerplunkered
Kaiser of the New Worldby Kerplunkered
After the alarms, sirens and nuclear warnings, Kai wakes up in an empty white room. With no idea what to do, he just waits for anything to happen...hoping something will...
In the infinite apocalypse, I make tens of billions a day selling goods by Le2000678
In the infinite apocalypse, I make...by
Status: Ongoing Author: Dreamweaver in the Wind [Doomsday Savior Shop]. The savior's shop has unlimited supplies, and she needs to sell these supplies and props to the v...
Apocalyptic natural disasters, I rely on Tunjin Supermarket to win by koushuu17
Apocalyptic natural disasters, I r...by Eijun
Author: Xiaoqianqian [Rebirth + natural disaster + stocking up + daily orientation + having CP + having teammates + pets + survival] Abandoned, abused and betrayed, Jian...
✓ The Seed of the Last Days Is the Key to Survival by ruwen05026
✓ The Seed of the Last Days Is the...by Jieun
Author: Mo 2018-09-24 He Qing was pushed into the zombie group by his girlfriend (front), do you think He Qing will die like this? NO! According to the law of the protag...
I Work As A Cook In The Wasteland by Lixcy_0213
I Work As A Cook In The Wastelandby Lixcy_0213
WARNING! MACHINE TRANSLATED NOVEL! The story and pictures are not mine!! For offline purposes only! INTRODUCTION: Top chef Su Mo suddenly became a poor thi...
The Villain's Little Cat by Sorahana_
The Villain's Little Catby Sorahana
"What?! I turn into a little cat... at the end of the world?" Kate looked at her small limbs with desperation. She glanced at the others who awakened strange a...