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Cult of Two by Justateenagewitch3
Cult of Twoby Avalon
Their joining was a strange feeling. It was as if all of her cells had split into two before reforming. She had never felt anything like it before, and she imagined that...
The death CAOS  by raygre1342
The death CAOS by raygre1342
This is my take on how Dorcas Night died. I do not own CAOS or any of its characters, and some ideas for this were inspired by many authors of fanfics. I don't think I c...
Cherry Pies, You and I (P.S the Devil Lies) by Justateenagewitch3
Cherry Pies, You and I (P.S the Avalon
Her name tag said Victoria. It was her middle name. Using it made her feel better. It made her feel like she isn't lying about who she is. It didn't matter though. She d...
The Rising CAOS by raygre1342
The Rising CAOSby raygre1342
This is my take on Dorcas's thoughts during Episode 34, season 4 of Chilling Adventirrs of Sabrina. All rights to the chraracters and anything CAOS related belong to Net...
Interlude by Justateenagewitch3
Interludeby Avalon
A series of Drabbles surrounding the women of CAOS
𝐌𝐄𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐎𝐈𝐀, chilling adventures of sabrina by -haydenromero
𝐌𝐄𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐎𝐈𝐀, chilling ˗ˏˋ n ˎˊ˗
❝You know what happens during the Witching Hour right?❞ ❝The supernatural come out to play.❞ In which she is tricked into signing The Book of The Beast and forced into t...