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Dirty Laundry • Baby Driver by yoonohwhat
Dirty Laundry • Baby Driverby BABA YAGA !
Neither said much-in fact one didn't say anything-but what they had between each other was a mutual understanding: they both wanted to get out.
Imperfect Love | Riff Lorton - West Side Story by nxjwaazmxn
Imperfect Love | Riff Lorton - Najwa Azman
From hatred to love. Trust turns to betrayal. The story of the leader of a troublemaker group called the Jets and a lonely girl who has lived her life in hiding with...
back to you | boreo by RETROSES
back to you | boreoby *✲゚*。✧
❝ you're stuck in my head and i can't get you out of it, if i could do it all again, i know i'd go back to you ❞ where a sixteen year old boy realises he has feelings fo...
A Jet or A Shark ~ Mike Faist/ Riff fanfic by IlikeLouisTommo18
A Jet or A Shark ~ Mike Faist/ IlikeLouisTommo18
"What's a pretty girl like youse doin over there?" Asked that pretty mystery boy "I'm on my side sir."
Romeo, O Romeo | Baby Driver by Sprayfection
Romeo, O Romeo | Baby Driverby Case
While still staring at the beautiful man leaning against the booth across from him, Baby responds with, "You are so beautiful." A light blush appears on Baby's...
Enchanting | Jai Courtney by honey-blossom
Enchanting | Jai Courtneyby honey-blossom
I was mesmerized by him. I knew instantly that I was enchanted to meet him.
The Moon Is The Same Wherever You Go: Boreo Oneshots by -leviath4n
The Moon Is The Same Wherever -leviath4n
Because Boris Pavlikovsky and Theodore Decker deserve their happy ending.
Supernova [Bellamy Blake] ON HOLD by Sprayfection
Supernova [Bellamy Blake] ON HOLDby Case
THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD INDEFINITELY "Your heart's in the ground, frozen over My heart's in the sky, Supernova" All Milo wanted was to keep to himself...
Briles: A Miles Teller Fanfic by Fourloveforever
Briles: A Miles Teller Fanficby Fourloveforever
Brianna is 17 and was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. Her life has never been perfect or simple but when she receives a chance to meet the writer of her favorite book...
rescue me | harry styles by beautifuldesiress
rescue me | harry stylesby mc
Worthless. Stupid. Disgusting. Nobody will never love you. That's all I've ever heard my entire life. Until I met him, he changed everything. He showed me I was worth lo...
Trouble   xG.Dx COMPLETED by Hisokas_Smile
Trouble xG.Dx COMPLETEDby I AM: Crying
Grayson ruined zoey's 6th birthday party. Since that day she hates him. And nothing could possibly change the fact that she hates Graysons guts for good. But something...
The Goldfinch  (Fanfic) by TheBlueChemist
The Goldfinch (Fanfic)by TheBlueChemist
I've look for you in every which way, outside of me, behind me, in front of me... inside me.
Searching for Death by rhuvmar
Searching for Deathby via
"I saw you sitting here, you the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen, depressed and alone. I looked into your eyes and I saw that you were going through some...
The Bradshaws: A TopGun Maverick Story by IrishTeen23
The Bradshaws: A TopGun Maverick Mickey C
You may be familiar with the names Nick "Goose" Bradshaw and his spouse Carole Bradshaw, as well as their son Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw. However, wh...
The transfer by cabbagemaurauder
The transferby cabbagemaurauder
Beatrice was safe before she found her dead mother in abnegation and discovered that Jeanine Matthews was her grandmother. From that moment, her whole world changed com...
I am Carrie by misfit_inquisitor
I am Carrieby ありやな
"Carrie?" Her attention is brought back to the board. "Carrie, can you come and answer the question?" "I don't know the question sir." She...
Divergent Memes by _thatcosmicgirl
Divergent Memesby _thatcosmicgirl
Compilation of Memes and Edits from the one and only; Divergent Series Tris and Four for life 🥺
Carrie:  What Might've Been? by Aiden2003adamson
Carrie: What Might've Been?by Aiden2003adamson
How could've Carrie's life have been if she had one friend? What if that friend stayed by Carrie no matter what? What if Tommy lived?
Strangers// Tom Holland  by storycentral1298
Strangers// Tom Holland by storycentral1298
"Ughhh can we just pretend we're strangers again?" Social media x real life