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I Love You, Hater by Karmi_25
I Love You, Haterby Mari-chan ✨
After defending the E-class the one and only Goshuke Ginka Asano got dropped there. She didn't mind though since all of them were friendly and nice. She got along with t...
the same girl. by catalystpen
the same Vibing
"I love you." They said the same thing. To the same girl. •An Assassination Classroom Fanfic• Gakushū Asano, is a student in Class 3-A in Kunugigaoka Junior Hi...
You Saved Me(Completed)  by Clover543isBored
You Saved Me(Completed) by xXCLOVERXx
Tired from his father's abuse and having to put a smile and act like the perfect student infront of his classmates and teachers, Asano Gakushū decided to put himself out...
Perfect Flaws | Gakushu Asano X Reader by Poppy1413
Perfect Flaws | Gakushu Asano X Poppy
(On Going) (Gakushu x Reader) The beloved boy of the school name Gakushu Asano is perfect in every way, which is why many people love and respect him. He was worlds apar...
Watching A Secret by Karma_Dragneel
Watching A Secretby I love you 3000
The school watches a secret of two students...
School Reacts to Koro Sensei Quest by TheSteinsGateFormula
School Reacts to Koro Sensei Questby TheSteinsGateFormula
After leaving the time-bubble with a united mission to stop the apocalypse and not mess up the timeline, Class E and their new friends from the Main Campus are ready to...
What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story) by angelBVB
What a ride (Asano Gakushuu story)by Tenshi
(GUYS, COVER BY WONDERFUL @Satchiko-Ooji) Asano Gakushuu X reader "See you later my dear." That dear mini Satan said to you. You never remembered being his dea...
Perfect Facade[Asano Gakushuu x Reader] by fenoraa
Perfect Facade[Asano Gakushuu x fenora
"I'm not perfect." ●●● [Last Name][Name] was the so called, "Perfect Girl" by many. With her looks, intellect and athletism, not many could find a si...
Asano x Reader x Karma by tiffxnychxn
Asano x Reader x Karmaby tiffxnychxn
Principal Gakuho of Kunugigaoka High disapproves of your friendship with Asano Gakushuu, and sends you to Class 3E, the "end class". There, you meet Akabane Ka...
Texts [Karushuu] by Mysmio
Texts [Karushuu]by bonk
A Karushuu text fic filled with gay shit :,)
Is it wrong to love You? by AndreaGomex124
Is it wrong to love You?by Andrea Gomez M.
Asano's Blood lust for class 3-E turned into lust for Karma Akabane. How would his father react to this. He decided to keep his feelings to himself for awhile but his lo...
Karma x Asano (Blackmail) by sweet_weed
Karma x Asano (Blackmail)by ****
Sooo this is a story all about Karma Akabane and Gakushuu Asano and how the fall in love eehhh...Well it's more like Asano blackmails Karma to do stuff he wants but you...
School watches Assassination Classroom by TheSteinsGateFormula
School watches Assassination TheSteinsGateFormula
Ritsu travels twenty years into the past to try to undo the apocalypse, but due to an unforeseen error, the whole of the third year of Kunugigaoka Junior High School has...
I Will Make You Mine(Completed) by Clover543isBored
I Will Make You Mine(Completed)by xXCLOVERXx
Asano Gakushū is challenged to make Akabane Karma fall inlove with him within a month. Full of confidence, Gakushū accepts. But what if HE falls for the red head instea...
Karma x Reader || Appearances by booksandanime00
Karma x Reader || Appearancesby XRaelyn
"You were told multiple times you were good at acting. It was ironic, honestly. Of course you would be a good actress if your whole life was a play." |First ch...
A ghoulish Assassination (Tokyo Ghoul and Assassination classroom Crossover) by Marina-Is-Amazing
A ghoulish Assassination (Tokyo Marina
When Kaneki awakes in a new world to the sight of a big yellow octopus he isn't sure what to think. While this world may not have CCG... There is another problem. If Kan...
Sweet As Honey | OHSHCXAC ✔️ by Sloth02
Sweet As Honey | OHSHCXAC ✔️by —rin*
If Honey had one thing to complain about after rebirth, it was the lack of cake. --- "3-E?" The blond nodded, his purple eyes slightly narrowing as his mind dr...
Mage And Demon Prince  by Clover543isBored
Mage And Demon Prince by xXCLOVERXx
The Demon Prince Gakushū is the most dangerous demon in the realm, and his head is also the most wanted of all. Heroes from across the land have all tried to fight and b...
I'm In Love With My Brother's Rival (Karma Akabane X Oc) by ashdarkangel
I'm In Love With My Brother's ashdarkangel
Kimiko is the daughter of Gakuhō Asano and the twin sister of Gakushū Asano. At first, she didn't attend the school her brother went to, Kunugigaoka, which her father wa...