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They're Lesbians Harold! by twitchywitch001
They're Lesbians Harold!by Baby
Any other weekend they would have stayed at school, but instead, they went to Kacchan's house where she both came out as gay and dating her 'rival'.
Remotely Wrestling by Lizzy-Berry
Remotely Wrestlingby lizzyberryx
King Dedede and King K. Rool have had ludicrous beef since the Kremling King came into the tournament, but this fight takes it onto a whole new level! Well, sort of. Aft...
Bets and Wagers by Hell_R
Bets and Wagersby Hell
Work request: Will you write something about Loki/reader , where loki accepts a bet/wager to make reader fall in love with him and eventually he himself falls in love wi...