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Breathe by AtDominique
Breatheby AtDominique
You could feel the bump, the beat, the rumble that erupted from the ripples as it surged by. If it had a voice, it could speak of the dangers it faced every day. If your...
Substation by FaithMorakinyo
Substationby Reese_2
Sven and River McGregor were on their way home from school when they witness an enormous bioluminescent eel dancing through the northern lights. When it's revealed that...
Stranded in the Deep by Cat3689
Stranded in the Deepby Cat3689
Argot is thrown away from the world he knows. His regrets weigh him down. His sister could be dead and she disowned him before he got caught in the storm and dragged awa...
Fantasy Rp by DeepShadowXe
Fantasy Rpby Xeon
This is a fantasy roleplay a friend and I are doing. (Warning: possible unpleasantries/ who-knows-what)
Europa Escape by DeanSheldon
Europa Escapeby Dean S
Who said teenagers are too young for space? 14 year old Alex Forrest defied the odds and managed to get herself chosen for the big leagues, a ticket to Europe Research S...
Edward Fell Into a Hole by tuckern3002
Edward Fell Into a Holeby Tucker
Edward falls into a sinkhole and explores a new environment.