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Long lost sister ( BTS FF)  by alien_stories777
Long lost sister ( BTS FF) by alien_stories777
A 19 yr old girl with many dreams in one side and 7 handsome boys who thinks that they own this whole universe. Let's see what happens😉💜.......
This is story where BTS have been know as the most handsome, popular and dangerously at their college. They have everything...Money, cars, luxury house, position at the...
Gangster In Love (Kim Taehyung/V FF) by Anna_Rawah
Gangster In Love (Kim Taehyung/V Anna Rawah
The leader of the most powerful gang force Y/N to be her fake wife. What will happen when they both fall in love with each other??? Will they follow their hearts or the...
His Arranged cold wife // KTH ff by Koochim21
His Arranged cold wife // KTH ffby S¢ ✨
Journey of warming up of a cold girl who marries to save her family from financial crisis... Romantic ff....... because ofcourse i will make them fall for each other...
Our Unwanted Marriage [Kim Taehyung FF] by HwangPurpleFics
Our Unwanted Marriage [Kim Hwang퍼플Fics
"Mom I swear I'll never work on this marriage." He yelled at his mother's face. "Taehyunga, calm down." His mom replied. "Why don't you understa...
a girl with a sweet and kind nature turns into a cold person after recalling her past. ///////////////////////// ???: please stop*sob*it hurts*crying* ????: You deserve...
Baby Daddy | K.Taehyung [COMPLETED] by nanaxli
Baby Daddy | K.Taehyung [COMPLETED]by nana
- „I don't want you or your child". - a story about a unwanted pregnancy which leads to DRAMA!!! 👀
Celebrity Crush | Kim Taehyung Fan Fiction  by sandraleiigh
Celebrity Crush | Kim Taehyung 샌디
You are JYP's strongest weapon, a well-respected female solo artist dubbed as Princess of KPOP. Female idols look up to you, male idols be crushing on you. Kim Taehyung...
Nerd Is A Badass||❝ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ ғғ❞||✯ by btspurpleocean_army
Nerd Is A Badass||❝ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ ғғ❞||✯by jinnie ❤️
A rich girl who is a badass but likes to be a nerd infront of everyone but her family and friends know that she can be the baddest badass ever when she is angry or som...
when he texts [taekook] by peachyseokjinnie
when he texts [taekook]by seokjinbell
he really thought that it wasn't him. BTS Jungkook X Taehyung FanFiction
GUESTHOUSE || BTSxReader ✔️ by Luka613
GUESTHOUSE || BTSxReader ✔️by LK
Y/n is a quiet and Introverted 20 year old girl who runs a guest house previously owned by her mother. Living her peaceful but young life away hidden in the safety of he...
𝐁𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒 ; kth  by jkthvmay
❝ she was so naive....and he was sinful ❞ ____________________________________________________________ when the school hearthrob found himself attracted towards the nai...
The Painting || BTS TAEHYUNG  by bangtanpoetry_
The Painting || BTS TAEHYUNG by bangtanpoetry
Travelling 200 years back in time, The clock is ticking and time is running, But my heart stopped beating when I saw you for the first time "Who is he ?" &quo...
21+ His favourite juice is your Cum and he drinks everyday... •K.TH FF• by darkmindff
21+ His favourite juice is your 𝐁𝐓𝐒 어두운 마음 𝐅𝐅 シ︎
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ The book is content full 18+ or 21+ read at your own risk. If you're interested to read Smut so this book is for you. If you're not intereste...
i hate u, i love u (Taehyung ff) by chasingdreamxbts
i hate u, i love u (Taehyung ff)by chasingdreamxbts
Modest & ordinary Y/n was arranged to marry Kim Taehyung, the son of one of the richest men in South Korea. Would cold Taehyung warm up to Y/n? Would they fall in love w...
painful love 》 kth  by ilykthx
painful love 》 kth by ㅤ
«kim y/n, married to kim taehyung. although it was an arranged marriage, they both did not love each other. taehyung was already cheating on her during their relationshi...
In Love With Mr Idiot 😉[ Kim taehyung x Reader] by _mystry_girl_
In Love With Mr Idiot 😉[ Kim •𝕿𝖐𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖗 태국•
hey, armies it's my first story on kim taehyung's FF as I became army in this year, I hope you will like it. so story is about Lee y/n who was an intelligent, bubbly, fu...
REVENGE | Crime AU |  by zenincity
REVENGE | Crime AU | by ZEN
you are the same as me, a monster.. Highest ranking: 2 Tag: kim jisoo Highest ranking:4 Tag: vsoo (7-13-2020) Started: 7/1/2020 Ended: 28/6/2020
body count | taekook by googieeuphoria
body count | taekookby nor🥕
[COMPLETE] "does it hurt?" "not as much as the thought of you leaving me" - (alternative) a soulmate au in which whenever your soulmate sleeps with s...
He is a Ghost✔️ (Completed) by vinTAEzfics
He is a Ghost✔️ (Completed)by zenim02
Whoa this house in a low price.I must buy it now! Though it's in an isolated place. Some people say that this house is haunted. But I don't care as long as I have a pla...