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My Immortal | Yoongi x Reader by BTSFFTae
My Immortal | Yoongi x Readerby Jolesও
'and what if I want to be yours Min Yoongi?' 'you know what I am y/n. you can't be serious' -- Y/N, the girl with no friends. No interaction. Nothing. She keeps to hers...
Airport - Min Yoongi ✔︎ by xXItzCheryyXx
Airport - Min Yoongi ✔︎by xXItzCheryyXx
"I'm going to ask you one question which will explain why you don't know who I am." Confused, I shrug. "Alright." He takes a deep breath in, and pe...
Lσʋҽ Sƚҽρʂ || YM || ✔ by TinyMinz
Lσʋҽ Sƚҽρʂ || YM || ✔by ㅤ
Yoongi and Jimin. Two persons, who are complete opposite of each other happen to be bound reluctantly in a sacred bonding...........Marriage ! Will they stick to their r...
Yoongi's Rules • MYG by Crimson_Bubbles
Yoongi's Rules • MYGby Crimson
You're late to work and almost run into one of the cutest guys you've ever seen when you're driving recklessly. Min Yoongi has a few ideas how you can make it up to him...
BULLY ✅ [EDITING]  by Bangtndna
BULLY ✅ [EDITING] by 𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 🦋
❝ Just shut up, okay?! You sounded a lot better while you were sleeping ❞ Min Yoongi
Your Love Hurts || Yoongi FF|| by stars_write
Your Love Hurts || Yoongi FF||by Shiru
They say love is a blessing. Showing your care, love, faith, kindness, loyalty... You can even make Satan fall in love. But if you do everything and still that person do...
𝕯𝖆𝖉'𝖘 𝖔𝖇𝖘𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓  by HetalBhavsar
𝕯𝖆𝖉'𝖘 𝖔𝖇𝖘𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓 by 𝓑𝓽𝓼 𝓐𝓻𝓶𝔂 ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
When two brothers are madly obsessed with their own blood what will happen ???? . . . . . . . Read my story to find out ....... Rank #58 dark #53 violence #74 father...
Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic) by singformeangel
Small (Yoongi's Sister BTS Fanfic)by Sleep-Deprived Idiot
"You were fifteen, Yoongi-ah." Jin states softly, "Neither of you had a choice." DISCONTINUED, but there is a rewrite you can check out if you want m...
Min Yoongi Imagines by ooohjiminah_
Min Yoongi Imaginesby d-iorpjm
To y'all Yoongi stans that just need a little suga in their lives, this one is for you! A compilation of my delulu moments with this cutie Please don't repost
Savior  ◆ MinYoongi✔ by BornToSpark
Savior ◆ MinYoongi✔by Hiatus | It's Amy <3
"You know, you are more of a freak than I thought." "I didn't know I am like that either. Guess I have to blame you for this." "Believe me babyg...
🌻His Precious Soulmate | P.JM ✓ by pepperpizzas
🌻His Precious Soulmate | P.JM ✓by 🄿🄴🄿🄿🄴🅁
"Now you have my mark," Jimin smirks proudly as he looks at the new mark on my shoulder. 🏆1st place in The Most Beautiful Wings Awards 2020🏆 🏆2nd place in T...
The Missing Piece Of Our Puzzle by Patronus_Lumos
The Missing Piece Of Our Puzzleby Sierra
"Soulmates. The world basically revolves around the soulmate system." But what happens when y/n, a normal girl, is given seven boys as her soulmates? Trying to...
Anomaly | BTS Stepbrothers FF by Aeonville
Anomaly | BTS Stepbrothers FFby Demon spawn
Meet (y/n) Rivers, but soon she will be called kim (y/n) instead. No, she isn't getting married but her mum is! Join (y/n) in her new life and help her to unveil the sec...
MOONCHILD-KOOKV by kookv is love
Omegaverse au In the far country, in the middle of Woods were different packs of werewolfs, a half human and half wolf. The packs were different but same in a way, they...
Another BTS Story 1 (finished) by Clairounette645295
Another BTS Story 1 (finished)by Melody Fullmer
Basically, this is a bunch of BTS Hybrid stories and others. If you don't like the first story, there are many others hiding behind them. Some of them are longer and som...
Married To Mr. Handsome [COMPLETED]  by kkookteokki
Married To Mr. Handsome [ KKOOKTEOKKI
A short, quick and fun imagine series featuring Taehyung and Y/N in a forced marriage and how they warm up to each other. Happy reading :) RANKINGS #5 in forcedrelations...
Mafia stepbrothers (BTS FF) by Hoshinori
Mafia stepbrothers (BTS FF)by *mogao ❤️*
Read the story if you want to cause I don't like to give spoilers about it so read it. But as you have already clicked or seen this story so now read it. Anyways I have...
The Killer Is Our Brother [MygxBts / Brotherly ff] by Amy_709
The Killer Is Our Brother [ Amy
"Accept me or leave it, I don't give a fuck!" "We never said we not gonna accept you...." What will happen when the Killer meets his brother? Will he...
BTS SMUT by dreamyggukk
BTS SMUTby dreamyggukk
title explains itself lol
Text Me This.. || YoonMin✔ by TheAmateurStoryMaker
Text Me This.. || YoonMin✔by Myrthandel
"Hyung, send me the text you sent Kookie and Tae! Tell me that you love me too!" Sweet Hyung sent you 1 message. Started: 4/1/19 Finished: 10/3/19 Warning: boy...