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Second Chance To Love- IMMJ2 by vora1978
Second Chance To Love- IMMJ2by Miss vora
Riddhima- You and your family don't deserve me Vansh I know you want me to stay back but your bloody ego is not allowing you but let me tell you one thing Vansh ki ek ba...
The Caged Bird by PSophieB98
The Caged Birdby LittleRose
She felt like a caged bird. A bird that was meant to fly the high, blue skies, but was trapped like a priced possession for her master to impress others with. ------- Av...
Cage of Beauty  by Loving_writer7
Cage of Beauty by Loving_writer7
Net a super rich person he is handsome,sexy,hot everyone crush and net like Beautiful things he thought every Beautiful thing have to be in cage He have a room fill with...
CHAINED by taekooker_heart
Where Taehyung is chained with Jungkook forever Boy × Boy Romance Obsession Little Age Gap Smut Kink Side character death HAPPY ENDING Started: 3 January 2023 Ende...
TU HI WAJAH by angelmikki
TU HI WAJAHby angelmikki
You can't caged love, can you? She was caged by his obsessive love, which was insane or it was innocent, she never know, the only thing she was desperate for her freedom...
The Trainer:  Cuckold 101 by SDLeeErotica
The Trainer: Cuckold 101by SDLeeErotica
When Blake and Layla go out for a weekend stay at the casino he thinks it's a fun staycation his wife planned at the last minute. His fun starts almost as soon as he clo...
Runaway Wife by elenenaxxxx
Runaway Wifeby elenenaxxxx
Dive into Ella's story... Meeting her brute of a husband Luca along the way... In exactly one day I will be marrying this man. This man that's trying to control my whole...
It was always written... by Aax_axxx
It was always Aimen 🌙
Sequel to 'Maybe it was never meant to be...' Follow Ayla's daughter, Alayna. Who's going through her hard hurdles of life. The problem? Her father threw her into this...
 Rollercoaster Of Emotions!  by quriwrites
Rollercoaster Of Emotions! by Iqra khan
→Mix emotions P.s - the author was high on emotions and hormones level while writing! Except for the pictures used each and every word is rightfully mine.
His Innocent Bride by raylorandrew
His Innocent Brideby raylorandrew
A girl too Innocent to be with him.
Possessive VR 😈 by SureshGupta3
Possessive VR 😈by Suresh Gupta
once .... VR get obessed then you have to face his wrath , one shot on riansh
This is a namjoon ff....ft.hobi. Your only family is your brother hobi who always takes care of you but little did both of you don't know that yours happiness is going t...
Balanced Love | Ongoing (first draft) by ice_elizy
Balanced Love | Ongoing (first Lizzy
(Ongoing ⚖️/ revising/ editing / proofreading/ completed) After Elizabeth's two cockatiels, Pear and Mika, began to open up to each other, her budgie, Bluey, was left ou...
My Luna slave  by omgtroylertimetrash
My Luna slave by omgtroylertimetrash
I do not share my name or my story. I do not show my face when talked to. I do not disobey. I do not talk. I do not hope. I do not live. Who knows if I handed myself in...
The Caged ButterFly by ShookyTooky
The Caged ButterFlyby ShookyTooky
Walking Closer To the Girl who is glaring at Him Mathew Pulled her Towards Him And Whispered Near her Ear Mathew:In Old Stories They say that The heartless Devil's hear...
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Wild Dog: Deku (On Hiatus) by Someone_Random37
Wild Dog: Deku (On Hiatus)by Hodor
Izuku Midoriya has the quirk that gives him the power of a bear, the speed and stamina of a cheetah, the reaction time of a fruit fly and a couple others which I can't b...
Caged Monster by xSnowDustx
Caged Monsterby xSnowDustx
The voices. They never leave, and never will. They come with the dragons, and they are the dragons. They speak to me. The enemy speaks with me... Halla Horrendous Haddoc...
Giving Hope by Alexandrarp1
Giving Hopeby Alex
Alex, a 16 year old girl from Seattle moves to New York. Alex is caring, beautiful, funny, and smart. But there is one down side about her, she has dyslexia. She was dia...
Caged. by Winchester42
#19 Amy
I woke up caged. Like an animal. I guess that's what we are essentially though, right?
wild Wild Boy by VictoriaTemple7
wild Wild Boyby Victoria Temple
I was happy with my life being alone and living in the middle of nowhere. This was until a young wild savage boy appeared at my home, after escaping from a freakshow whe...