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The Legend of the Celestial Princess by glowinggemma
The Legend of the Celestial Prince...by glowinggemma
Lucy was underestimated Yukino was Underappreciated Both girls leave their guilds to put an end to their suffering until they discover that one of their parents is celes...
Celestial princess  by Undercover-Miss20
Celestial princess by Anime queen
It's been two years since Lucy died. But is she really dead? After the Grand Magic Games Arc and before the Eclipse Arc. ...
The Long Lost Powerful Heir (Finding The Legendary Princess) by princesspurpleblue12
The Long Lost Powerful Heir (Findi...by sugababe
This story is all about fantasy fiction and author's imagination first story ko lang po ito sana po magustuhan niyo i will do my best po para sa inyo ENJOY (*^_^*) Sh...
Ignorance // Nalu Fanfic // by StarryCallz
Ignorance // Nalu Fanfic //by Starrix
The guild was lively as ever, and it seemed to be a normal day. However the day Lisanna came back to the guild, they overjoyed and forgot about the poor Stellar Mage. It...
Lucy celestial Princess  by JeelKubadia9
Lucy celestial Princess by Jeel Kubadia
Lucy think she is ordinary but after finding out who she is and what power she has all changes new anemy new friends all change and also new love and family betrayal w...
Undertale multiverse meets Lucy Heartfilia by Blackdragoniss619
Undertale multiverse meets Lucy He...by Mystic wolf
Fairy Tail was disbanded after Tartorse, everyone went their separate ways, everyone except Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy decides to move into the forest that's near Magnolia, w...
Silence of a Mermaid by Drina_Bloom
Silence of a Mermaidby UwU
Mermaids. The first thing that comes into mind is probably a person with a tail instead of legs. Everyone knows what mermaids are, they're very rare to see. Not only tha...
The dragon kings key. by sariah345
The dragon kings key.by sariah345
/third person\ the blonde looked at the note and key in her hands. "the fire dragon kings key?" she questioned. she was curious. never had she seen a key like...