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espio prime by Fandomfrenzy625
espio primeby Fandomfrenzy625
short stories of our favourite purple ninja I just take requests from the comments you send and make short stories out of them that I hope you will all enjoy more infor...
Project Luna by cloud_stormy39
Project Lunaby Stormy Cloud
We all know the story of how Shadow the Hedgehog came into this world, how he was introduced, and how he saved the world. After that point in time, the Sonic gang was ha...
Chameleon means "earth lion" in Greek by Fandomfrenzy625
Chameleon means "earth lion" in Fandomfrenzy625
espio is an anthropomorphic chameleon, but a chameleon non the less here are some fun facts about chameleons and how they show through the daily life of our favourite i...
Believe in Me (Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader) by T-Night
Believe in Me (Sonic the T
After the defeat of the Eggman Empire, what's left of the Resistance is cleaning up. (Y/n) left to go help others around the planet and Sonic went his own way. However...
ray-gun randomness by Fandomfrenzy625
ray-gun randomnessby Fandomfrenzy625
when Eggman accidentally uses the wrong ray gun during a fight against Sonic and friends their world is suddenly turned upside down what will happen when sonics friends...
Emerald High by anticipatingstars
Emerald Highby star
Miles "Tails" Prower was always some sort of a misfit in society but life takes a surprising turn as he moves to a new school.
Ask or Dare Team Forces Characters by KattheCat1202
Ask or Dare Team Forces Charactersby Kat the Cat
Ask or Dare the characters of Team Forces anything! Main Ships: Espio x Amy Sonic x Sally Tails x Larien Knuckles x Dawn Shadow x Rouge Charmy x Cream Vector x Vanilla S...
Love Another | Taiream and Sonamy by zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
Love Another | Taiream and Sonamyby zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
~💛~ Taiream ~💛~ There is always a war when it comes to love, freedom, and justice. But what happens when you feel like hiding, when you feel alone, and when you fe...
Team Chaotix Detective Agency RP by Ninjacatgirl159
Team Chaotix Detective Agency RPby Ninjacatgirl159
Join Vector, Espio, and Charmy, on a bunch of random adventures, as they solve mysteries better than 2023 Velma! All characters belong to SEGA Some ideas either belong...
Sibling Reunion by codeylee31
Sibling Reunionby Sonicfan-1999
Due to Dr. Robotnik leaving Robotropolis to conquer South Island, both Sonic and Knuckles leave to pursue him. What happens when Robotnik brings back a blast from Sonic'...
Team Forces Adventures: Team Forces Origins by KattheCat1202
Team Forces Adventures: Team Kat the Cat
Eggman has had enough of Sonic and his friends constantly defeating him, so much so that he creates a new member of the Eggman Empire, Infinite! With this new danger lur...
Work Like a Criminal (Shard the Metal Sonic x Reader) by T-Night
Work Like a Criminal (Shard the T
An ex Freedom Fighter with a thirst for revenge. A former Metal Sonic with the desire to prove himself. A high profile criminal group. ~ (Y/n) the (A/t) is by no means...
TEAM CHAOTIX by vinylthewriter
A day before the events of SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG, Team Chaotix have been struggling with paying Rent, and keeping there Company up and running, finally they get a call to...
24 Days of Team Forces by KattheCat1202
24 Days of Team Forcesby Kat the Cat
It has been almost three years since I've joined Wattpad and created the Team Forces series! So as a little treat, I will be doing 25 days of Team Forces!!! And you can...
Sonic Forces: Comic Dub: Not in the Mood by KattheCat1202
Sonic Forces: Comic Dub: Not in Kat the Cat
Tired of hearing Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Espio, Charmy and Silver argue, Amy, Shadow, Rouge and Sprixie sneak into Queen Larien's castle and takes a potion from her and...
Sonic X-Treme (Sonic X Reboot Fanfic) by Lance1889
Sonic X-Treme (Sonic X Reboot Lance1889
[A rebooted version of the anime, Sonic X. Obviously Enough.] On an unnamed world, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Amy Rose attempt to rescue Cre...
Team Chaotix Spotlight by Ystories22
Team Chaotix Spotlightby Ystories22
Time I show off something I have been working on for a long time now. I figured it was time to give some of my favorite Sonic characters the spotlight. Vector the Crocod...
Sonic Oneshots by RandomIdiot231
Sonic Oneshotsby IDIOT
There will be stuff from other media, such as the Sonic IDW comics MOST OF THEM ARE RUSHED ❤️Ships❤️ Sonadow Whispangle Knuxouge Rookinite Vecpio Charils (my *probably*...
The Match by SWCstories
The Matchby SWCstories
Zavok, an uninvited guest, comes into Vector's home town, seeking a chance to hunt down Sonic the Hedgehog. Vector doesn't approve of this and proposes a bet between him...
Team Forces Adventures: Queen For a Day by KattheCat1202
Team Forces Adventures: Queen Kat the Cat
Queen Larien askes Kat to be the queen of the Evergreen Kingdom while she's away, but Kat learns that ruling takes way more responsiblility than she thought.