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Darker Than Sin by LaurenJ22
Darker Than Sinby Lauren Jackson
When good girl highschooler Ellie falls in love with an ex-convict, old family secrets come back to haunt them and keep them apart. ...
My Perfect Female Boss by NoveLAddictionGAMER
My Perfect Female Bossby Novel addiction
I rescued a beauty from distress, but as a result I was put into jail for three years. After being released from the prison, I ran into that woman...
JAWAHIR by hafsatou__
JAWAHIRby hafsatou
JAWAHIR is the only daughter to a single mother hajiya saratu who forced her into an arranged marraige to the son of her childhood best friend hajiya Aisha who turned o...
The Difference Between Getting and Needing by sabbbycat
The Difference Between Getting ✨ sabine ✨
"Sometimes what you need isn't what you get, it's what you already have." 〰️〰...
A Forbidden Love (Book 1) by lovestone_
A Forbidden Love (Book 1)by lovestone_
*COMPLETED AND EDITED* "I stand straight up and turn around and he's so close I can feel the heat from his body warming mine. I look up at him and say "you sc...
Concrete Hearts by Timothy-Writes
Concrete Heartsby Timothy-Writes
Concrete Hearts is a tale of two souls navigating the complexities of urban life, discovering that amidst the city's towering skyscrapers and echoing subways, hearts of...
Delhi's Cat by Rgal10
Delhi's Catby Ruchi D
Rollercoaster ride of a non- Delhiite , trying to be a Delhiite and being called - Dilli ki Billi (Delhi's cat).
Elevator 143 by TheMac_96
Elevator 143by MK
From the busy grounds of New York City rises the grand structure of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which intertwines the lives of the passionate Cassie Florence and the talente...
Call Me Sam (Being Rewriten) by Juleove
Call Me Sam (Being Rewriten)by Mama J
Sixteen-year-old Samantha Cooper was raised in a literal barn, but after her parents die in a tragic accident she's forced to move in with her wealthy relatives whom she...
Everything I hate About You by BabyHotFry
Everything I hate About Youby seven11s
Saint Lozano was a skater. It's what got him up in the morning and put him to sleep at night. That and the few drugs he did. Him and his blonde hair and dull blue eyes s...
Can I Crash Here? (Ranboo X Reader) by that_one_Cj
Can I Crash Here? (Ranboo X Reader)by Cheyenne Johnson
You bump into a tall guy at a coffee shop while waiting to meet your friend, your apartment building has a power outage, and your friend having visiting family, you only...
It's Always You by satanss_mistress
It's Always Youby Mwahaha
Y/n is you. Your the head of general surgery. You were having a normal day until you saw the new attending Arizona Robbins, who you haven't seen since her freshman year...
The Social Deviant - Countryhumans Russia x Germany by Arrin99423
The Social Deviant - Raudkajull
Russia. The Aggressor. Life is a show and sometimes you just hate your role. The big city demands a large sacrifice, and thousands give up everything to just survive th...
Her Fairy Tale  by Izzayy_k
Her Fairy Tale by Izzayy k
A story of Alzena and Aaron, completely opposite to each other. One living in fairy tale and the other likes to live in reality! One who thinks she is a princess becaus...
Hello! This is my first time trying to write a story out of comfort one-shots, so please bear with me! I am well aware Ranboo is a minor, there will be no NSFW/SMUT con...
Love N Smoke by audreyisaswiftie
Love N Smokeby Audrey Russell
Zeion Mathers, an 18-year-old drug dealer, discovers unexpected love and redemption when he meets Lauren Mills, a book-smart blonde, at a party. Their worlds collide, cr...
City Rain [SEONGJOONG FF] by mashislair
City Rain [SEONGJOONG FF]by Mashihoe
"I love you." "That's dumb." "Okay I don't." ••• Hongjoong is overworked, Seonghwa desperately wants to escape a reality that's too boring...
Silencio | beomjun ✔ by EvanMin
Silencio | beomjun ✔by peaches
Days, when it rains, are Yeonjun's favorite; his senses of touch, sound, and smell echoed content as the rain hit the windows. And maybe, he liked them because he could...
the poet by beefmilkshake
the poetby AAAARGH
where you stumble upon a man sitting by the river on your way back home. lowercase intended started: steptember 1st 2020 ended: july 10th 2021 [do not repost]
Expect the Unexpected by satanss_mistress
Expect the Unexpectedby Mwahaha
Meredith has been dealing with personal issues. Although the young resident tries to hide her pain and suffering, attending Arizona Robbins notices. What'll happen with...