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The Dragon's Tribrid. (Dragon Series 1) by selenophiletheaa
The Dragon's Tribrid. (Dragon Seri...by Luna Midnight
Werewolves are Humans that can Shift into wolves. Vampires are People who drinks fresh blood. Witches are Humans who cast spells and magic. But what if you combine those...
Frosted Fate. (Dragon Series 2.) by selenophiletheaa
Frosted Fate. (Dragon Series 2.)by Luna Midnight
Freya who has no username woke up from the winter. 70% of her body is snow. She is also bloomed with powers colder than ice. She can make it winter if she wishes. She ha...
Drayce by JeuelSumalpong
Drayceby KikoCoki
Drayce Watters, alpha of the CrescentBurn pack, discovered that his mate turned out to be a human in nature. He discovered that the girl he bullied for years, Alice Hale...
Short History of Drayce by RandyKobelt
Short History of Drayceby The ShiftingBard
A short history of the Planet Drayce. Ancient historian scribes the history of Drayce according to the events that unfolded.