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Secrets Of The Mute by Bism33
Secrets Of The Muteby Emmett Razz
All they know about her is that she was getting heavily abused. They don't know how old she is. Or even her name. She simply won't speak. What'll happen along the wa...
Shine Bright Shirley by jenchaejisa
Shine Bright Shirleyby Louise
One year Only one year left until I'm out of the foster care system and all on my own... the way it should be. Follow Grace Shirley Smith as she tries to find her place...
The Bad Boy's Brothers by uhoh132
The Bad Boy's Brothersby uhoh132
After being in the foster care system for 14 years, 16-year-old Will learns that he has 5 older brothers and a father he never knew about. He's moved to live with them a...
Everything has Changed  by wannatalkaboutLarry
Everything has Changed by They did that
Zayn and Liam have been married for 4 years, and been dating for longer. They each have a job they love and they have each other but something is missing, or someone in...
Last Hope - (Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor) by gabbyshott
Last Hope - (Sarah Paulson & gabrielle paulson
Trigger Warnings : Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety... Sarah and Holland wanted to take care of someone in need, and that's when they met Lizzie. (Don't hesitate to give me ideas an...
Coming Home  by Nina__11
Coming Home by Nina
When they were 2 years old, Jason and Ocatvias mother took them away to Florida. For 14 years they have been hidden away from their father William Garcia and their broth...
Hidden Away by NovaTheBookWorm02
Hidden Awayby Loverofreading
Emery West is a normal, shy, and innocent- to innocent- 16 year old girl, besides for the fact that she is in a group home for children. She has been in the system for a...
Beautifully Abused .  by mxo000
Beautifully Abused . by M X Ø ☮️
A story of how a young intelligent woman has gone through pain and suffering all her life (at least that's what it seems but her life will later take a beautiful drastic...
When Love Hurts ♥ by DiamondMangum
When Love Hurts ♥by Diamond Mangum
Amiyah Wilson was tossed from foster home after foster home, when her beautiful mother Someone Wilson died of Cancer. Take a journey into the world of Amiyah and find ou...
Life Gave Us the Gift of You by OuatBookworm
Life Gave Us the Gift of Youby Liz :)
After her first foster home wasn't a good placement, thirteen year- old Emmalynn Ryder gets placed in a new home with the Fosters. Will her past keep her from trusting...
A Home For Zoe by karana21
A Home For Zoeby ReaderWalker
Completed!!!!!!! She starting over, again... Fourteen-year-old, Zoe Whitman has been bouncing around the foster care system for half her life. When she is kicked out of...
Solitaire by moorewrites
Solitaireby moorewrites
Alone. All I've ever been was alone, The streets were the only place I could call my home, No friends and family to talk on the phone, The only family I had disowned. So...
More Than Just A Case (Rewritten) by JemilysLoveChild
More Than Just A Case (Rewritten)by Lillie
Emily and JJ have been married for a few years now, and their parenting abilities are put to the test when they are asked to go undercover as a lesbian couple looking to...
The Seven Deadly Brothers by notactuallylillith
The Seven Deadly Brothersby notactaullylillith
They're deadly, each representing a different sin. She has the power to bring out the good in all of them. Elora Anderson discovers that she is actually a Maranzano, fam...
Take away - lrh by Everythingiwanttobe
Take away - lrhby Everythingiwanttobe
Luke flinched when his mom touched the bruise on his back. It was a new one and it was stinging to hell and back. "It will get better soon." She always said. ...
Foster Bey. by adoredyanaaa
Foster 𝐅𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞🌈
Beyonce is a foster kid who gets shown no love or affection. She's blunt and rude until she met Onika who taught her a new perspective on people and life. Inspired by @f...
Every Flower Must Blossom by guiltypleasure20
Every Flower Must Blossomby SophieGail
I didn't take my meds today. Two days ago Caitlin Adams asked if I was bipolar because I was into her on Monday but by Friday I had figured out that she was too demandin...
Adopted by Hamilton by abi_fanzel
Adopted by Hamiltonby Abigail
Major Cover Creds to @mayzealand ORIGINAL ADOPTED BY HAMILTON FANFIC Follow Abigail as she gets adopted by the entire cast of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, and basi...
My Best Friend by Icaruko
My Best Friendby Icaruko™️
A love story between childhood best friends living next door to eachother, who's unfortunate age gap brings about nothing but heartache and pining. Five years may not se...
Faith (Book Two) by CCDaleo
Faith (Book Two)by CC
Faith has been cursed with a voice so beautiful, she has to stay silent. She wasn't born with it, rather she was transformed into a walking weapon at the ripe age of ten...