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[Naruto] My Gift Is Back In Time by FireOfAsh
[Naruto] My Gift Is Back In Timeby Fiery Ash
The 5th great shinobi war has started. It has lasted for 5 years. They won the war, but no one survived, after killing the enemy. Even the person that killed her, Naruto...
Team Untamed (Naruto Fanfic) by LostChild-dreamer
Team Untamed (Naruto Fanfic)by LostChild-dreamer
Calm, collected, and intelligent-- something Naruto Uzumaki isn't, well that's what everyone in Konoha thinks at least. emo, brooding, and a avenger-- something Sasuke U...
Team 7 Joins The Akatsuki by CharityWolfe
Team 7 Joins The Akatsukiby Cherry Ann
in one way or the other Konoha has messed with Sasuke, Naruko, and Sakura, watch as these three bond together and leave their home town and join the Akatsuki. Oh the joy...
Anbu Kitsune (Naruto) by Zero_Senju
Anbu Kitsune (Naruto)by Kazane Akiyama
Naruto, the deadly Anbu Commander, is being forced to go undercover at the academy to protect Sasuke Uchiha and uncover any deceit. How will people react when Naruto's...
New Team 7 by DjAjFresh
New Team 7by AnimeQueen
What if Team 7 met earlier? What if Team 7 met as kids? What if on the kyubii attack there was 3 tailed beasts. What if they were sealed into Naruto,Sasukes,and Sakura. ...
Kami's Soldiers by ManaKitsune
Kami's Soldiersby Mana
All drawn to the moon, all have hidden powers and secrets, all have lost things they hold dear. Meeting one night at the end of a Blue Moons path. They find friends and...