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Broken Promises I JAMES POTTER by Moonstoneflower
Broken Promises I JAMES POTTERby Paulien.G
"What happend to the two of you?" "He stopped talking to me." When they were just a few months old they started to have play dates. It was first thei...
morning sun {r. lupin} by marvelandmarauders
morning sun {r. lupin}by via
Greta Potter, a light in everyones life, but to him, she was brighter, more like the sun in the early hours of the morning, warm, welcoming, blinding. ...
WHEN HISTORY REPEATS //  H.POTTER. (Slow Updates) by luv_riki_jackson
Lillian Exton. She is known to be a muggle born witch also called a reincarnation of Lily Potter neé Evans. But is she muggleborn? Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. A ha...
Jenna Lily Potter: Sorcerer's Stone by demigodally
Jenna Lily Potter: Sorcerer's Stoneby demigodally
BOOK 1(FINISHED) Jenna Lily Potter. The girl who lived. Jenna Potter is the twin sister of Harry Potter. They kept a very close bond until Halloween night of 1981. (Ju...
In Her Eyes by Rome-xx
In Her Eyesby R.Barnett
Betrayed by her mother and abandoned by her father- young Alastriona Breen must find her place at Hogwarts and must keep her past hidden from the ones she loves - becaus...
Problems (Dracoxreader) by booyou-whore-
Problems (Dracoxreader)by Phenomenal Woman
Y/n's a new student at Hogwarts. Her life has been rough, especially her 3rd year at Ilvermorny. So when her mom gets a new job, y/n has the ability to start over. Littl...