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Waiting For One (Waiting Series #5) by JusxtDin
Waiting For One (Waiting Series #5)by ke🏵️
[WAITING SERIES #5] Steven always underestimates someone when he sees that they have a weakness and he sees that in Reah. But Reah worked hard and made her face that she...
Past | Mingyu  by wonigyu-
Past | Mingyu by luvass
Our past is hunting me. You've hurt me before but I still love you, Kim Mingyu.
Broken by my love -os ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
Broken by my love -os ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
The story starts on the opening night of musicana...where manik left nandini... But they will patch up!!! Wanna know how??? Then read.... Requested by @arjumandchowdhury
Waiting You To Love Me (Waiting Series #2) by JusxtDin
Waiting You To Love Me (Waiting ke🏵️
[WAITING SERIES #2] Jessica waited Mart to love her but it turns to Mart waited Jessica to love him.. again. "I will always say that I love you anytime." -Mart...
Silsila- Badalte Rishton Ka....  by _Ms_Rose_
Silsila- Badalte Rishton Ka.... by Rosé🌷
This is story of three persons... two girls married to a same person.. how their life will take a turn when his first wife comes to know about his second wife.. to know...
I'm just a girlfriend by CrazyCristy
I'm just a girlfriendby Cristy Ann Subaste Lacson
For every girls who got taken for granted by their SO. This poem is for you. Hope you will like this.
𝓈𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓇𝒶 by moonchildeoris
𝓈𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓇𝒶by min min
as Sakura lies down on the grass... a piece of 𝓈𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓇𝒶 flower falls right at her forehead.. 𝓈𝒶𝓀𝓊𝓇𝒶... peaceful, beautiful and soft 🌸 " how lovely would...
Lilac de Synthesia by Earth2sky
Lilac de Synthesiaby Earth to Sky
Love come through a relationship, not just by staring at people Love can be a fairytail, but it can be a nightmare too Love can make you smile, but it can also make you...
Yes,stopped being broken by AnishaAliabba
Yes,stopped being brokenby AnishaAliabba
a heart with worst past thought of owning its pure happiness by searching it . Unfortunately , it ended up with the wrong persons palm and heals.healing mind got offende...
words left unsaid- by zzaiinab14
words left unsaid-by Zainab
... Your life is a line, And you put those lines in the form of words. And you express your life, With the line you write. Written by a sinful hand, But an innocent fac...
Sort of Feelings by littledustyrose
Sort of Feelingsby Helena Jessica Novia
"sometimes our feelings are just too loud to be heard, and a poem might just be a perfect reflection of what we really feel."
She Remembers by SaskiaSasuke
She Remembersby yanne
She fixed him when he's broken. He broke her when he's healed. He left with no warning and leave no trace. However, she remembers. She remembers how he proved her his...
It hurts so much alone  by mylifeasSaylor
It hurts so much alone by mylifeasSaylor
when you go through a tough part of your life
The Dancing Rain by rizamalia96
The Dancing Rainby rizamalia
For the world isn't always about stepping up, the world can also make you take a step down Here I brought to you all the words about the Ups and Downs You might find sor...
Not your adorable little kids by Maddystar2933
Not your adorable little kidsby Lola
Chapa, Mika, Miles, Bose and Lola went to a party to celebrate their day out of school after Ray told them Not to, Bose got drunk so did Lola milka and Miles Chapa Sm...
My dear friend... by rucasfanfictin
My dear A big lover
"She loves you" "No, she doesn't" "What makes you think that?" "Because she's my dear friend, and i'm hers"
Forever&Always? by cheyenneee__x3
Forever&Always?by Cheyenne
A girl who lost her best friend named Justin who is now a world wide popstar right now but to her he's just Justin Drew Bieber, the goofy kid that she knew all her life...
Please come back :) by dyxh1711
Please come back :)by dyxh1711
You know that the day you left , my heart shattered , my soul burnt , my tears wrapped , my feelings died so am I , please come back !
that's not me  by Theverse777
that's not me by
Belle Is a normal girl, Always sweet,kind and generous,Always trust worthy and with that wonderful White smile. But one day everything change, that sweet girl become arr...
Isang taong walang inintindi kundi ang kapakanan ng iba. Isang taong mabait pero inabuso. Isang taong hindi marunong maka hindi pero inabuso. Isang taong mas inuna yun...