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Drowning In The Dark by Seventhjoul
Drowning In The Darkby Shefali Bansal
The story of young girl being born by the rape of her mother and struck with her 4 brothers as her mom died giving birth to her. Being neglected and pleading for love fo...
Nothing by annahshalom
Nothingby annahshalom
"I loved you dangerously Alia,more than the air that I freaking breath but yet you still went ahead and chose him" "What are you talking about. I did not...
𝙏𝙤𝙤 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚? || 𝓳𝓲𝘬ꪮꪮ𝘬 by JiminieANDkooki
𝙏𝙤𝙤 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚? || 𝓳𝓲𝘬ꪮꪮ𝘬by ☁️ 𝐊KΜ𝕁 ☁️
He wished he could turn back time Change it maybe... To a different time, one where his precious hyung didn't ignore him... He should have expected this... Expected the...
BROKEN by Jikook-143
BROKENby Kookmin ♥️
I'm not enough for you..? 💔 - pjm" Poor innocent boy deeply in love with jungkook Did he know that his boyfriend is loose interest on him and his eyes laid on som...
Two Ghosts || Editing by blugrix
Two Ghosts || Editingby rach
There's always a reason for everything. Separation, hate, remorse, love. - This is the story of Beckett Ford and Eloise Barlowe where they meet again. In the world of...
Prepared To Hate You by DayDreamRomantic
Prepared To Hate Youby DayDreamRomantic
To mark BTS's 8th birthday, HYBE has made a special announcement. They searched across the globe, for talented singers, dancers, and rappers. One individual has been ch...
Weakness (Jang Hanseok x fem OC) by 2020MT950
Weakness (Jang Hanseok x fem OC)by MT950
Jang Hanseok is close with his half brother Jang Hanseo but what if he is close with one more person, that he wants for himself.
HEART SICK by Jikook-143
HEART SICKby Kookmin ♥️
One side love is painful to the death..' and that too if he ignores you.,hates you..' it's makes life was like a living hell..' That's what jimin was facing now..' 💔
Saving Myself || A Drarry Story by Hufflepuff-Writer
Saving Myself || A Drarry Storyby emma/emmett
**COMPLETED** Cover made by @ZaraIsNotHere **TRIGGER WARNINGS** -HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS -MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: All original characters owned by J.K. Ro...
Written Dreams by T04st3d_cr4mb
Written Dreamsby Toast Collective
Dream is a future writer who writes stories for people to read. He travels the world due to his job as a hotel assistant. As he travels, he meets and finds some people w...
Heart Lies by sere_poppy
Heart Liesby serena poppy
Perhaps the world is nothing more than a incandescent star, ready to explode right beneath the dark sky. Just like the world is our heart, with feelings as our light...
Twins (ON GOING)💛 by lovemafiamen
Twins (ON GOING)💛by Selena Seepersad
(I SHOULD HAVE EATEN HER IN THE WOMB) The hernandez family princesses got kidnapped for 17 years and they losing hope. What happens when they finally found? what happene...
Hopeless wanderer by VanessaMustafa7
Hopeless wandererby Vanessa Mustafa
They asked me : do you write poetry or poems ? I write what I feel, I don't know if that's a poetry or a poem, a quote or just a text. I write what I feel and never re...
Loved and Lost by anchalv_21
Loved and Lostby Anchal Verma
Bled through my fingers :)
Mafia's Wife Secret by mia_d_mivia
Mafia's Wife Secretby Mivia Etosva
Mahi Vedh, a two personality girl, who has hidden her reality under her another identity which is Prof. Maria, a great female scientist, who had never show her face pu...
ချစ်တယ်ပြောမှထပျံသွားတဲ့ လိပ်ပြာ by Meldian_13
ချစ်တယ်ပြောမှထပျံသွားတဲ့ လိပ်ပြာby မယ်လ်ဒီယန်
ငါသာ ချစ်တယ် မပြောခဲ့ရင် အဲ့ဒီလိပ်ပြာဟာ အခုချိန်ငါ့နားရှိရင်လည်း ရှိနေဦးမှာပေါ့ ... ။ ငါသာ ခ်စ္တယ္ မေျပာခဲ့ရင္ အဲ့ဒီလိပ္ျပာဟာ အခုခ်ိန္ငါ့နားရိွရင္လည္း ရိွေနဦးမွာေပါ့...
When you get fed up of your cold husband behavior. Taehyung FF by thvffs
When you get fed up of your cold Thv FFs
This fanfic story is based on a cold husband and his Indian wife. After various events of getting neglected by his husband Yn decided to give up and give him taste of hi...
다른 세계 👑Jikook FF Alpha AU Completed✔️ by zdcg123
다른 세계 👑Jikook FF Alpha AU 🍪JM x JK🥛
Jeon Jungkook is a soon to be king of a kingdom called Sephadonia. He lives with his father and mother along with his brother namjoon, Jungkook is an alpha who loves to...
Poems, Quotes & Just Stuff by _XX_KPOP_XX_
Poems, Quotes & Just Stuffby _XX_KPOP_XX_
Poems about Life and its Flaws
After The Rain (On-going) by Dhollybee
After The Rain (On-going)by Desprate Enuf
Serene Samson. A naturally beautiful, fine lady who seemed to be untouchable, kind, and soft-hearted. She had those pretty eyes that could drown you just like the sea th...