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Triforce of Essence | Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction by NeriBurns
Triforce of Essence | Legend of Ze...by NeriBurns
When unsuspecting Neri is thrown into a Legend of Zelda game that was never meant to be released, she miraculously meets the Hero of Time himself. However, a strange sym...
Master Smith || Link x Reader by Maple_The_Awesome
Master Smith || Link x Readerby Maple The Awesome
Through the clouds, the stream of time, shadows of twilight, and chaos of the wild, Hyrule's hero has always courageously faced evil armed with his signature sword that...
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS! (read des.) by showozuku
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS! (read de...by keira
second story on my page!
Constellations | LoZ x Reader One-Shots by -naydra
Constellations | LoZ x Reader One...by 𝑅𝑒𝑒𝑠𝑒
Short stories about you and our beloved hero clad in green! Any other characters you want included from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or Breath of the W...
A Sword's Sheath - A Breath Of The Wild Fanfiction by gregmikaels
A Sword's Sheath - A Breath Of The...by Greg Mikaels
A year has passed since the fall of the Calamity Ganon. Things are reliving in the kingdom. Zelda thought that things would have returned to normal between her and Link...
Before The Calamity Happens  by Brenna1894
Before The Calamity Happens by Rasinbren
Following Link and Zeldas relationship before the calamity. It all started when they first met at twelve years old. They started out rough but eventually their friendshi...
The Legend of Zelda: The Silent Princess by HisPencil
The Legend of Zelda: The Silent Pr...by HisPencil
We know Link's story throughout all the games, but there are still many missing pieces in which only the power of the goddess can bring to us. In the eyes of young Zelda...
Revali X Link AOC by shmey_emma
Revali X Link AOCby Emma!
This storyline follows after Age Of Calamity where all of the champions are alive. After defeating Gannon the champions live their lives at the castle for the time bein...
Twin of Wisdom | A Breath of the Wild Fanfiction by tLoZSponge
Twin of Wisdom | A Breath of the W...by Sponge
The royal family of Hyrule was in quite the predicament. By tradition, the first born daughter of the royal family shall carry the family name Zelda, bear the Triforce o...
THE NINE HEROES OF LEGEND by Spitit_of_a_wolf
"I- want to ask a question." Link addressed to the boy with the sword. He showed his sword, the Master Sword. "Do you perhaps recognize this? I'm the Mast...
I'd Give My Life | BotW Link x Reader by -naydra
I'd Give My Life | BotW Link x Rea...by 𝑅𝑒𝑒𝑠𝑒
SLOW UPDATES You've been scorched by the blazing sun in the Gerudo Desert, drowned by the the rapids of Zora's Domain, frozen by the frigid air of Rito Village, and swel...
Until The Last Breath by ABeautifulBeginning
Until The Last Breathby ABeautifulBeginning
A lot of work needs to be done to rebuild Hyrule, and to convince others to help will take a lot of work from Link and Zelda. Having all his memories back, Link is plagu...
Lost in a Heartbeat - Fanfiction - GhirahimXFi by chatette
Lost in a Heartbeat - Fanfiction...by mythicalsecrets
After the fight with Demise, Fi had Ghirahim restored back to life. She became forged within the Master Sword leaving Ghirahim alone in the land of Hyrule. He looked for...
The Princess and the Wolf by Sunshinehappygirl81
The Princess and the Wolfby Sunshinehappygirl81
If a princess kisses a frog; the frog will turn into a prince. But what happens if a hero falls in love with a princess? (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit t...
The White Goddess (ZeLink Fanfic) by Mairia
The White Goddess (ZeLink Fanfic)by Mairiangel
Memories of someone started to invade the mind of the crown princess of Hyrule ever since she met the boy with the Kokiri Emerald in a fair morning in the gardens. Post...
Divine Intervention ; Zelink Modern AU [Discontinued] by Wolf00Link
Divine Intervention ; Zelink Moder...by Wolf~Link
It is said that long ago the three goddesses created Hyrule, leading and guiding the people. Beside them stood hundreds of powerful beings; deity's and the spirits. But...
Orphic Lovers [REWRITTEN] by SakuraNoPsycho
Orphic Lovers [REWRITTEN]by SakuraTree
A angel of the Goddess Hylia fell in love with a powerful, evil man. He was kind to her and treated her with much love. He gave her gifts and introduced her to some peop...
Little Bird | A Legend of Zelda AU of the Wild by LochNessLobster
Little Bird | A Legend of Zelda AU...by Gummi
[Discontinued] Following the death of her mother, Zelda comes face to face with anxiety and guilt as she sees her father go from happy and warm, to cold and furious. Alt...
Before The Calamity by MsHoneyBadger1986
Before The Calamityby MsHoneyBadger1986
[{COMPLETED}] As a young girl Zelda lost her mother. She is tasked with a heavy burden of stopping the rising threat of Calamity Ganon. As the future Queen of Hyrule she...
Calm After the Storm | BOTW  by Zelink_of_Hyrule
Calm After the Storm | BOTW by Zelink of Hyrule
AU where nobody died and they beat Ganon first try, Zelink, contains Smut/NSFW/Lemons!