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Genius Hyuga Twins by AriaNightingale
Genius Hyuga Twinsby Aria
Short summary: Reborn as Neji Hyuga's twin sister. Full summary: A woman from the normal Earth realm suffers a death at the hands of a car accident. This, however, is...
Kiss A Hyuga (Sasuhina) by PandaRaver
Kiss A Hyuga (Sasuhina)by PandaRaver
It has always been a Hyuga tradition that you must marry the person you share your first kiss with. She wanted her first kiss to be Naruto Uzumaki but we don't always ge...
A Very OOC Uchiha [Naruto Fanfic] by Xx_Miss_Reaper_xX
A Very OOC Uchiha [Naruto Fanfic]by 42GAMI
"Now is not the time." "It is always the time!" When she died, Ashely didn't think of the aftermath, only of how great of a hug dear old Truck-kun ga...
Caged by Gaara-Panda
Cagedby iz ✨
"A caged bird stands on the grave of dreams," -Maya Angelou Kai Hyūga, a side branch member, fights to keep her dream alive; to be one of the best kunoichi in...
I'll Protect You ( A Hinata Hyuuga Love Story- Yandere) by she_warrior14
I'll Protect You ( A Hinata Hyuuga...by she_warrior14
" I'm protect you, I'll serve you, you are mine like I am yours. Together forever. We will never me apart. If I see any one flirt, touch and hurts you, I will kill...
Hinata's Adventure in BNHA [On Going...] by Hanabeeshy
Hinata's Adventure in BNHA [On Goi...by ♡Hanabeeshyyy♡
Hinata, because of an incident, is now in the BNHA world--- stuck. Of course, to survive and live, she has to adapt to this new lifestyle and all. But still, she has no...
Naruto x Reader Oneshots by jazmynecchi
Naruto x Reader Oneshotsby ᵏᶦᵗˢᵘⁿᵉ⁻ᶜʰᵃⁿ
Hello! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios with the Naruto characters! Requests are open until I say so :) ~jazmynecchi
An Uchiha's Legacy by Jiang-sama
An Uchiha's Legacyby Kitty
Post War. Hinata has a promise to fulfill, and in order to do that, she has to leave the village against her father's wishes. After serving his sentence in Konoha, Sasuk...
Defying fate  by Reijuino
Defying fate by Reijuino
Hyuuga Nozomi took immense pride in being the daughter of Hyuuga Hizashi, never taking her being part of the branch family a burden. That was until her little brother Ne...
Died then turned into Neji's Twin sister by Merpels
Died then turned into Neji's Twin...by NOT Telling~
Hey yo, the name's Tanaka Mayu. I had a lovely day when some WILD FANGIRL shows up and uses push. I got pushed to a truck then I died. When I saw the bright light again...
Uchiha Hyuuga Mai by Chocochibi
Uchiha Hyuuga Maiby choco_late~
What's is your name ? My name is... Uchiha Hyuuga Mai. Who are your parents ? I have one byakugan and one sharingan. I am Uchiha Hyuuga Mai. That is the name my parents...
Born From a Fire (Kakashi daughter fanfic, KibaxOC) (DISCONTINUED) by dolphinlover2
Born From a Fire (Kakashi daughter...by Dragneel D. Aria
The girl's name was Miharu, no last name. Raised by cruel parents and went through a horrible, tragic past. The haunting nightmares of her village's destruction stalked...
Naruto One-Shots *Closed to Requests* by Animemadness101
Naruto One-Shots *Closed to Reques...by Animemadness101
A collection of Naruto one-shots I wrote between 2010-2018. I am no longer open to requests for one-shots as my interest has switched over to longer stories, but I wishe...
Naruhina: Something New by WaterRolls
Naruhina: Something Newby WaterRolls
Naruhina Fanfiction. How does a clueless boy figure out romance? Slowly--and with the help of friends who have the couple's best interests at heart. This story continue...
Purple Rose by Hana_nako
Purple Roseby Hananako
Hinata, seorang gadis dari era modern terdampar di era kerajaan dimana tidak ada mobil, TV, smartphone, internet dan listrik. Ia harus beradaptasi sebaik mungkin menghap...
Naruhina Oneshots by badd_sscript
Naruhina Oneshotsby Lia
Just a little series of Naruhina oneshots. Hope you enjoy ;)
White Eyes [ E D I T I N G ] by -historiaa
White Eyes [ E D I T I N G ]by 𝘏𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢 𝘙𝘦𝘪𝘴𝘴
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in hinatahyuuga #1 in hyuuga #10 in narutouzumaki "A rare disease had been lurking around the Hyuuga." A good,normal day at Ichiraku, eati...
Wilted Rose (Gakuen Alice Fanfiction) by ThankfullyYours
Wilted Rose (Gakuen Alice Fanficti...by Steffan Asahina
"Can I tell you a secret?" "I've lost many things I love and cherish in the past but this time, I will protect what is mine." "Just don't leav...
A NaruHina Fanfiction by Aoi_chii
A NaruHina Fanfictionby Aoi-chii
Hinata Hyuga decides to confess to Naruto Uzumaki again. Will he fall in love with her this time when he seriously thinks about it or has he already fallen in love with...
A New Beginning(Life of a Shinobi) by HibariShikaru
A New Beginning(Life of a Shinobi)by Hibari Shikaru
The first thing that he did when he met a certain ravenet was to stare:there was no denying who's familiar Storm flames it belonged to. "...What the actual fuck?Gio...