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CURSED....to be together! (COMPLETE) by DDesai_moon
CURSED....to be together! (COMPLET...by Beautiful Moon
Marriage is the most purest bond that binds two souls forever. But what if it's forced? Will the belief of the bond bring two strangers together and bind them forever or...
MaNan ff: Hallway Love [WATTYS 2022] by writer_mkk
MaNan ff: Hallway Love [WATTYS 202...by writer_mkk
COMPLETED 17.01.22-17.08.22 Your first crush from school leaves a different type of mark in your life. So did Nandani's when she heard him say "yeah, so" afte...
Ties That Bind✔️ by _ScarOfTheWind__
Ties That Bind✔️by Amayaa
A father who immensely loves his Champ but can't show that. A son who loves his father but thinks that his family hates him. Family who hates him or do they really? An i...
His Revenge ✔ by Parthian555
His Revenge ✔by Bushra
Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy once loved each other crazily, but one day a misunderstanding took place and they both got separted. But after 3 years he is back to ta...
eternal love by Samskruthikrishna
eternal loveby Samskruthikrishna
after talent hunt what will happen when manik and nandini suddenly disappeared because of some situations and later they meet fab5 in the space reunion...... why did the...
Secret Love by Ridd_02
Secret Loveby Riddhi
Hello people.. again back with a manan story.. with crazy stuffs... what will happen if manan are in a secret relationship? what will happen if their friends got to kn...
MaNan - Instagram✨ by faannngirrll
MaNan - Instagram✨by Vッ
KYY on social media. Chats 💬 | Stories📱 | Posts 📸 and much more❤🙃 cheesyyy veesyy🐣🙈 "Manan❤ from strangers to becoming friends to gradually living a happy co...
Kaisi yeh yaariyan: together forever by prakshiidea
Kaisi yeh yaariyan: together forev...by shalurathor
This is my version of kaisi yeh yaariyan and I promise that it would be a good one. Manik and Nandini will together find the mystery of Nandini's past. So walk in !
Manan-connection by 3amthoughts12
Manan-connectionby 3amthoughts12
this is going to be a stroy of Manan wherein the roles of Nandini and alya will be exchanged. peep in to read more
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MANIK'S ANGEL (Completed)  by secretromanticwriter
MANIK'S ANGEL (Completed) by K
Higgest #27 in fanfiction It's a story of a mafia boss. It's a villain's love story.....
MananFF~Flawless✔️ by humnarehman
MananFF~Flawless✔️by humna rehman
How will the future be framed when the one you love is on dead bed.... Peep in to know !
Wedlock  by xsweetlilmusex
Wedlock by Vishakha
When Manik and Nandini are tied in a wedlock, thier equations start changing !
Love At The First Flight by multixfanz
Love At The First Flightby multixfanz
A Cute Love Story Of Our Very Own Favourite Couple, MaNan <3
The Nerd and The Brat ✔️ by a_cosmic_dust
The Nerd and The Brat ✔️by Sonika Rao
His life was simple and plain until she turned it upside down by introducing him the world through a new lens. Her life was chaos until he came as a fresh breeze and ta...
Manan : Arranged to Fall In Love by monalee_09
Manan : Arranged to Fall In Loveby M
This story is about our very own manan, who are arranged in such a way that they slowly and gradually fall in love and enjoy their own family time with everyone This is...
#MaNan:Marriage by humeshaforever_
#MaNan:Marriageby anant×tara_
"Till the stars shine, And the fireflies exist"✨ PS: wrote this story years back, it's cheesy,cringe and cliche in every way! Writing is juvenile and childish...
MaNan FF : Life With Nandini by 18yasmn
MaNan FF : Life With Nandiniby 18yasmn
To all the MaNan and Ky2 fans out there; here is another story of Love; Trust; Fireflies and Stars! Join me in the beautiful journey depicting our beloved MaNan's Happi...
He Walked In Her Love by VabnaMohan
He Walked In Her Loveby Vabna Mohan
When you take someone for granted and when that person takes a break from you, how does it feels? how do you deal it? To know join this beautiful journey ❤️
Destiny's Gamble by styles2016
Destiny's Gambleby Mrs. Styles
Sequel to Destiny's Dice. Manik and Nandini have now begun a new chapter of their lives, being a married couple. Alas, Manik is not on board with this plan. Poor Nandini...
MaNan Story: FF:  Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Dein Hum? by Twinkle_Alisha
MaNan Story: FF: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya...by TAK Khan
Assalam o Alaikum Friends I'm back with different MaNan Concept. It has slightly Mature & Dark Concept.