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Missing rose by Icecreamcakespree
Missing roseby Icecreamcakespree
Eleanore was a girl born as a monster but raised as a human. Warning: the pics do not belong to me it belongs to the rightful artist
{The Virus Called Purity} Dimitrescu Women X Male Reader by RainsFaller212
{The Virus Called Purity} RainsFaller212
{The Virus called Purity} Dimitrescu Women X Male Reader WARNING: Vampirism, Violence, Abuse, Torture, Murder Disclaimer: -Any of the characters used are not created by...
The Uchiha Lord by SupremeUchiha
The Uchiha Lordby Supreme Uchiha
An Uchiha with forgotten memories, stumbled upon an strange village.
The Mold Connects Us | RWBY X D
The ones who hurt me will pay Wether by blood or other means They will pay deeply
Little Things || House Dimitrescu & Child!Reader by CallMeVex_
Little Things || House CallMeVex_
She'd never thought it was possible. When she was still mortal, she had hoped but that was quickly shut down by the doctor who told her it would never happen because of...
Lady Dimitrescu and Hekate's Follower by ArtemissBrand
Lady Dimitrescu and Hekate's ☆InsomniaQueen☆
Lady Dimitrescu x Melania A love story of a woman traveling far from her home in Greece, to end up in a roller-coaster of a story with our one and only Lady Dimitrescu.
Behind the Castle's Door [COMPLETED] by szenaeva
Behind the Castle's Door [ august.
When Clementine, a young woman who had recently experienced heartbreak, decided to flee after witnessing her ex with the woman he had previously assured she should not b...
Lady Dimitrescu x female reader by bgmllr
Lady Dimitrescu x female readerby bogi
tw: blood, smut, sexual harassment in this story. Mother Miranda chose you to be her maid when you were 12 years old. Now, you're 20 and she decided to give you to one o...
Our food~ (Dimitrescu ladies x male reader) by xXReaper_DEATHXx
Our food~ (Dimitrescu ladies x Riyeko_Shinobi
I'm a man of "submissive male reader" books and this one is no exception, you the reader is a submissive male that somehow got kidnapped and was brought upon i...
𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖉-  Lady Dimitrescu x reader -  -(female by gay4women071505
𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖉- Lady M_E
This is a resident evil village fanfiction of lady d and her daughters. I have no idea we're this is going anymore 😩 enjoy. This is for mature audiences as well loves :...
Sweet Nothing's  by Schnitelz
Sweet Nothing's by Schnitelz
Alcina Dimitrescu x female siren reader You are a creature of the water, your alluring voice is hard to resist. It might have attracted someone very special...
Revenge, and A Little Bit More  by ArtemissBrand
Revenge, and A Little Bit More by ☆InsomniaQueen☆
Alcina Dimitrescu x Lilith Amelia Blake. A loving yet psychotic witch has unfinished business with the infamous Mother Miranda. Taking place after the death of the Dimit...
Always Hers by Time_eclipse
Always Hersby Nova
You awoke in a place that strove fear into your heart. Finding yourself at the grasp of a winged woman, you have little choices. What path will you choose. For you were...
The Dimitrescu Daughters (FEM reader) by Maurice_Scott
The Dimitrescu Daughters (FEM Maurice Scott
Y/n hasn't had the best life but after some events she winds up as a servant to Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters. Bela, Cassandra and Daniela Dimitrescu have nev...
Stay with me Mama : Yandere Resident evil 8 x Mama Isabella!Reader by Ghostly_Napping
Stay with me Mama : Yandere 𝙸𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚗
{Name} l/n is the fifth lord,her house is mostly about taking the souls of dead children and making her children but only one of the children was biological hers. What h...
kitty cat by Phoenix3254
kitty catby Phoenix3254
what will happen when mother Miranda introduces a 5th lord and what will happen when lady dimitrescu taking an interest in this new lord
The Fourth Daughter X Lady Dimitrescu  by treecl_28
The Fourth Daughter X Lady treecl_28
**I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE, FOUND IT ON GOOGLE** You've heard the legend, the three daughters of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu...but did you ever heard a fourth Dimitrescu da...
Resident Evil VIII : Village (Ethan Winters X Alcina Dimitrescu) by Leomantic
Resident Evil VIII : Village ( Leomantic
Just as he and his wife Mia start getting their life back together, Ethan Winters life takes another turn for the worse when Mia is murdered and his daughter kidnapped...