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Lost Civilisations - A ScienceFiction Anthology by ScienceFiction
Lost Civilisations - A ScienceFict...by ScienceFiction | Ambassadors
The vast majority of us agree the Universe is 14 billion years old, give or take a few million here or there. That's time enough for stars to live long and healthy lives...
Relic Hunters of the Vitalis Express by nitronaut
Relic Hunters of the Vitalis Expre...by Bill Kandiliotis
At the edge of the galactic core, a supercluster of fourteen thousand stars, caught in an asymmetric elliptical orbit around a supermassive black hole, is home to hundre...
Johnny Roberts and the Gods of Eden (Book Two) by Andrew-Noble
Johnny Roberts and the Gods of Ede...by Andrew Noble
"Run Jade! Run now! To the ship!" he shouted. She still seemed unsure, and Johnny grabbed her by the arm and propelled her up the beach towards the ship. Havin...
Sins of the Last Dawn by Oddity13
Sins of the Last Dawnby Betelgeuse
The City of the Last Dawn remains one of the biggest mysteries in the field of archaeology. The most pressing question about it, the one that keeps professors and six-ye...