Reincanation Stories

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Reincarnated in Naruto?!... Or Somwhere Else? by SimpingForSs
Reincarnated in Naruto?!... Or Dae
9 year old Akira was a typical happy kid. One day he found out about anime, Naruto to be exact and became a weeb. Learning about the anime world was a great experience f...
The Two Misfits (The Misfit of Demon Academy Various x OC) by vocaloidexpert
The Two Misfits (The Misfit of
Though it is said that the powerful, great, and feared demon lord killed off the gods, there was the queen of them all, who was not a god, nor fairy, or any kind of race...
Transmigrator meets Reincarnator [80 ongoing] by AishaAhmad579
Transmigrator meets Reincarnator [ Aisha Ahmad
This Story isn't mine..I just love the story so much I wanted others to enjoy the book offline, because I had to read online, All credits goes the the writers and transl...
The Beta's Second Chance by MarykarlAnna
The Beta's Second Chanceby MarykarlAnna
Maya lived her whole life accepting the fact that she was both wolfless and mateless but the unexpected turn of events, she found out she could have both. 'she could...
Yin and Yang by OpaTakawa
Yin and Yangby SkyShadowMusic
*None of the photos or pictures in the story are mine!*
I Must Change my Twin Sisters Faith by lilZkun
I Must Change my Twin Sisters Faithby lizzy mae haker
Xia ### just found out that she has cancer and a few weeks to live , but she was still a collage student and the worst part is that her favorite novel is still not finis...
Unravelling my Past ((Gakuen Alice-fan fiction)) by MidnightFlames
Unravelling my Past ((Gakuen ⭐ MidnightStar⭐
Is there such thing as an unknown Alice? Well, now there is. Miyuki Yukihira knew she was different from everyone else a long time ago. After all, mind reading isn't a...
The Set by _QwinOssai_
The Setby Qwinn Ossai
This is about the lives of students in Surnivalle high school a girl called Kate is seen as one of the main character of the novel but is she the heroine of the novel...
Lost memories in 1895 by MinqueencyAei
Lost memories in 1895by earaa
SINO NGA BA AKO?miske ako hindi ko din alam ang sagot sa tanong nayan. Ang tanging alam ko lang ay ako si Carina Shane Alonso na anak ng pamilya alonso na may pag ka Br...
The Lost Language of the Ancient Gods by Arcainum
The Lost Language of the Ancient Arcain
Living in a boring world But....... What if........ Because of curiosity, you're life changed in a snap Will you continue your journey in the new world? Or you will find...
3rd times the charm! by RoseSenseiOfficial
3rd times the charm!by Sofia Rose Melgar
Anastasia De Irene, Crowned princess & future Empress, she was the most beautiful woman in the north, as one said she is as pretty as a rose, studied to be the empress e...
Valentina by Jasdyer
Valentinaby Jasmine Dyer
If you have read Aphrodisa then you will understand about Valentina. For those who didn't then I'll tell you she is the daughter of the Roman goddess Venus but grow up t...
The Prodigy and the Genius by Azile_Yuuki
The Prodigy and the Geniusby Yuuki
Miki Linux, a genius at small age that no one can compare, hides her intelligence for her to not attract people with high nobility. Fortunately for her, she's an illegit...
Call me Usagi! I am not Deku anymore!! by Chimera_Regarion
Call me Usagi! I am not Deku Chimera_Regarion
Izuku Midoriya was one of the students that were participate into civil war game that Nezu came up with. However Izuku was chosen to be the villain. Needless to say that...