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Levi's Secret (LeviXOC) [COMPLETED] by RSE_ME
Levi's Secret (LeviXOC) [COMPLETED]by MJ Banawa
Levi Ackerman is the said strongest soldier of humanity. He exceeded the title and proved himself worthy of the title, however there is one who rivals him. Hazel Braugst...
Koi Laut ke Aaya hai [Completed] by fiftyshadesofishq
Koi Laut ke Aaya hai [Completed]by Kashti
"I want you to agree to one condition, You should say yes thrice when I ask you to!!!! " She said "Haan and thrice but why? " "Be thankful I'm...
2525: Beyond the gate  by Xixi_mmiii
2525: Beyond the gate by Anagram
For thousands of years humanity has thrived and prospered on the surface of earth, using their ungodly ambitions and intelligence to build a global dominance over the Wo...
A Soldier's Princess by LFairfax1
A Soldier's Princessby LFairfax1
After Princess Alana finds out the man of her dreams is really an undercover bodyguard her parents hired, she vows never to trust him again. But when a royal insider th...
RIOT, a softcore version by AmeliaRose177
RIOT, a softcore versionby Amelia Rose
this is a softer spin off of RIOT by Danica. so yeah
Heaven's Lost Property: Heroes of Nimbus by CPM-8345
Heaven's Lost Property: Heroes of...by CPM-8345
Four years of training from a young age to their first year of high school. Highly advanced equipment and gunships. When life couldn't get any weirder, the 25 operators...
WNDY (working on it atm, expect non-finished parts) by YeOldPalGeorge
WNDY (working on it atm, expect no...by Yo Boy George
Real soldiers. Real problems. Real ways to solve those problems. Fantasy, magical bullshit world...? (The story does not follow the RWBY canon and so don't be surprised...
Farmer, Father, Reader, Ranger - The (Mis)Adventures of Paul Blofis by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Farmer, Father, Reader, Ranger - T...by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
From the maker of "The Warfighter, the Storm, and the Moon," welcome to the anthology of a very special father figure: Captain Paul Blofis (Ret.) of the 1st Ba...
A House of Cards  by Yaboi1234510
A House of Cards by Yaboi1234510
"Everything these days is so fragile, so easily Disturbed, dismantled. One wrong touch or wrong breath and it all falls down. Just like a house of cards"- Unkn...
Rainbow Six Siege: False Voices by DForrester
Rainbow Six Siege: False Voicesby DForrester
"Six has seen your files; my, my, that's a lot of black ink, but it didn't stop her eyes from reading right through it, and once she gave me the go ahead, I looked...
The Riptide Project by TheTechmaster
The Riptide Projectby Kaylan
Hailee knows how to fight. She can't remember a time when guns and flying kicks weren't a part of her life. That's because her dad is a high-ranking agent in the intelli...
Balto, Star,kaltag and Marshall to deceptacons commandos   by calebascogg
Balto, Star,kaltag and Marshall to...by calebascogg
After steele hypnotizes all of nome dogs except balto, Star and kaltag they run away and get teleported to cybertron and becomes deceptacons After Marshall brutally att...
028.1 by JackieArcher
028.1by Jackie Archer
When Team 028 of the crime fighting organisation LEX tumbles into the house of 78-year old Allie Mason to defuse a bomb, things take a surprising turn for everyone.
Silver by GentooD21
Silverby Dazir
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST.. After a terrible loss, JDF, under the United Nations Defense Organization launched an operation in search of a young teenager, who ap...
the ultimatum by lunabontjeex
the ultimatumby lunabontjeex
a special force team thats above the law. They may be brutal but they are righteous.
Tiger Dog by GTWilders
Tiger Dogby GTWilders
In the wake of the kidnapping of a team of American missionaries, a family member must decide what justice requires.
Marshall, tracker , Star and ruby to special forces  by calebascogg
Marshall, tracker , Star and ruby...by calebascogg
After being betrayed by the paw patrol Marshall and tracker joins the special forces After being betrayed by her friends and sister ruby rose is teleported to earth and...