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The New Friend-Zone by creator_is_here
The New Friend-Zoneby RotcelesDoom
~~~ ~~~ Sun is in dire need of a true friend. When Y/N shows up in his life he's unable to stop thinking about them he realizes how important and special they are. Nothi...
-[° FNAF SB Smut Story V2 °]- by DreamerByTheWater
-[° FNAF SB Smut Story V2 °]-by DreamerByTheWater
(WARNING: SMUT) This story is mostly smut because that's its purpose and the main focus so yeah. Heads up.
The Jester, King of the Sky by HopeFizznvm
The Jester, King of the Skyby HopeFizzNvm
After an apology to the attendant, you get stuck with ball pit cleaning duty. Someone had called out and you just so happen to be overstaying your 'Fazbear Experience'...
(+) Their Ray Of Sunshine (+) Human Sunnydrop/Moondrop x Reader by DreamerByTheWater
(+) Their Ray Of Sunshine (+) DreamerByTheWater
A story of companionship, angst, fun, and desire. Y/N is the assistant daycare supervisor/assistant. Sunnydrop and Moondrop, two separate people, are eager to welcome th...
Glitter glue and stickers (Sun/Moon x reader) by -waah-
Glitter glue and stickers (Sun/ Fern
You start working as the daycare attendant's assistant. Which basically just consists of watching over and taking care of the animatronic in the daycare at night. Becaus...
EN ESPANOL)) Sol y arco iris (Sun x lectora) by FandomToon
EN ESPANOL)) Sol y arco iris ( Fandom Toon
Sí, los hombres también pueden leer esto, pero los pronombres son ella / ella. Consigues un trabajo en el nuevo plex de pizza de Freddy Fazbear como seguridad, en lugar...
Sunny x Reader (crackfic, kinda) by ErrorsSecretLover
Sunny x Reader (crackfic, kinda)by Yo mama
This is not to be taken seriously o3o might become a crackfic
Insert Reader Tingz ✨ by freddysrightcumsock
Insert Reader Tingz ✨by antvee
Just a one sad student who is struggling with school writing a bunch of reader inserts
🌞I Love You to The Moon and Back🌝 by Smolsmols
🌞I Love You to The Moon and Back🌝by Smols
Hi! I haven't written a story on here in a few years, but after the new game came out,(and after reading a bunch of other stories) i thought it might be cool to make one...
WHEHOO!! (Sunnydrop/moondrop x reader) by ArtsyShitShow
WHEHOO!! (Sunnydrop/moondrop x Nova
AIGHT BITCH ASSES WE GETTING GOOD SHIT HERE TODAEY. (i promise im taking this seriously I PROMISE-) You,, are a boss ass bitch, who got a job at ye olde daycare. belove...
Sunshine and rainbows ( Sun x Female Reader ) by FandomToon
Sunshine and rainbows ( Sun x Fandom Toon
Yes, males can read this too, but the pronouns are she/her. You get a job at the new Freddy Fazbear's pizza plex as security, rather than getting a job somewhere else a...