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Different kind of Woe  by JasonCheng1223
Different kind of Woe by Light Cube
Wednesday and Male Reader. Based on the popular Netflix series. The story will mainly focus on the OC(Y/N) and the interaction he has with Wednesday. I don't own anyth...
Addams and Undead: Wednesday Addams X Vampire Male Reader by GrandAdmiralNironus
Addams and Undead: Wednesday GrandAdmiralNironus
One girl outcasted once again for her... Peculiar behavior. One boy outcasted for just wanting an immortal life worth living. Together their paths intertwine at a school...
Wednesday x Male reader: Stitched together by notmyfirstrodeo
Wednesday x Male reader: Rodeo
The Addamses and the (L/N)'s have always been a formidable force joint at the hip and feared throughout the local area for decades and when the wonder children of Pugsle...
Wednesday Evening (Wednesday x M!Reader)  by OffMyBones
Wednesday Evening (Wednesday x M! medication
Your first day at Nevermore was horrible, you wish it was over until you met this one girl. She has an emotionless stare, her dark black hair and bangs in her face. You...
The Killers Mirror//Wednesday x Male 'Wendigo' Reader by AngltRen
The Killers Mirror//Wednesday x Anglt
This is my first story ever written so apologies if it turns out horrible. Also none of the characters used belong to me and the rights specifically go to the creators...
Dreams and Nightmares: Son of Morpheus Reader by GraysonCreates
Dreams and Nightmares: Son of GraysonCreates
Completed: 09/07/2023 ************************ Nevermore and its surroundings have finally dealt with Crackstone but now there is something new, something bigger. Wednes...
Hold me closer Shadowmancer by AlphaMC117
Hold me closer Shadowmancerby Taklinn
If your here, then you've probably already watched the show. but what if we throw in another character, one who will intrigue and annoy Wednesday to no end. That's where...
The Contractor (Wednesday Addams x Male Reader) by Mikexlrose
The Contractor (Wednesday Addams Mikexlrose
Nevermore Academy, a school for the outcast, the creatures and beings of the world that society would rather keep in the shadows, the ones that are more than they appear...
Deadly Love | Wednesday x M! Reader by expelledcheddar
Deadly Love | Wednesday x M! Readerby cheddar
Two lovers reunite on the place where their parents fell in love. But, they are planning to escape the so-called, "Educational Penitentiary." Will they succeed...
Love and Woe: Wednesday Addams by Geekout_Club
Love and Woe: Wednesday Addamsby GeekOut Club
Anax Spade is a outcast, both literally and figuratively. He loved causing mischief and have fun, only he had different methods of fun, curtesy of his childhood friend a...
Stitched Together: THE BLOOPERS by notmyfirstrodeo
Stitched Together: THE BLOOPERSby Rodeo
Did you ever want to know what Stitched Together would've looked like as a movie/TV series set? Probably not. But today you're in luck as I bring you short and hopefully...
♡Mon Cheri♡ (Wednesday x Male Reader) by ThatOneDanganDude
♡Mon Cheri♡ (Wednesday x Male V
A new student, Wednesday Addams, gets sent to Nevermore Academy after getting suspended from her last high school for dropping piranhas in the school pool to defend her...
Wednesday Addams x Male Reader by dabestman31
Wednesday Addams x Male Readerby the video game masher
A new student arrive at Nevermore and Wednesday feels attracted to him straight away, But what happens when a new monster threatens the lives of everyone at Nevermore.
The Killers Mirror "Break time"//Wednesday x Male 'Wendigo' Reader by AngltRen
The Killers Mirror "Break time"// Anglt
This is a mini story compared to my first book "The killers Mirror" which if you hadn't read, you should as many points that are taking place here are from tha...
SANDBOX. by BigBlueLiam
#15 Liam
Agent (Y/N) (L/N), a member of an order dedicated to eliminating multiversal threats and intruders alike. He becomes entangled in Wednesday's little adventure into the S...
Wednesday Addams X M! Reader Oneshots/Imagines. by expelledcheddar
Wednesday Addams X M! Reader cheddar
I don't know what to put here honestly. The stories are just imaginations that I suddenly have and want to create. For male readers, but if you are not male but still wa...
Made By The Devil For You (W.A x M) by KingHades617
Made By The Devil For You (W.A x M)by KingHades617
They always say to walk like a King or Live like a God. But I say fuck that. I walk like I don't give a fuck who the king is and I sure as Shit ain't a God. I'm A devil...
Shifting The Earth For Them by KingHades617
Shifting The Earth For Themby KingHades617
Grandson of The Blind Bandit attends Nevermore and meets an eccentric Werewolf and the embodiment of darkness.
Wednesday x male Sinclair reader  by robbie09o9
Wednesday x male Sinclair reader by robbie09o9
Wednesday is definitely a weird girl but that's fine for y/n. (y/n is Enid's brother)
New Kid in Town ( Wednesday x Male Reader ) by Tusskkk
New Kid in Town ( Wednesday x Tusk
Nevermore, a school offering education for outcasts within outcasts. Freaks considered by society are welcomed with open arms within the campus. Y/N happens to be one of...