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Black Clover: Blinded Totality by cloverkeeper
Black Clover: Blinded Totalityby cloverkeeper
A short girl appeared out of nowhere to take the magic knight exams. Everyone can feel that she had a large amount of Mana. But exactly how big could it be? Join her jou...
Path (Black Clover AU) by RandomWritter27
Path (Black Clover AU)by RandomWritter27
In this story we will see how things would've turned out if one had chosen another choice. And I would also be altering some of the plots from the real story. It also mi...
Black Clover One shots  by neztanizaki
Black Clover One shots by Nez☆
*gender neutral reader, no debating* Currently taking NO requests. Story follows the manga bc I'm too lazy to watch the anime Consists of short stories, no multiple par...