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Excuse any typos.

you might be asking why?

you might agree with what I did...who cares

there's no correct reason, it could be a million reasons for my actions. In reality she did it to herself. shouldn't have trusted me in the first place.

Tylil, he had it coming. I could see right through his silly ass. once again business is business. I really had no choice or else I would die

the night we got caught up with Q, he told me I had to repay him. this was part of the plan or else I would die. he introduced me to Bakari I had to work with for a couple of months.

I never knew he had a sister until a week before I actually met her. we just happened to meet personally after that.

let me start from the beginning, the very beginning


"so you too think you can just steal my shit?" Q asked taking his gun off safety

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"so you too think you can just steal my shit?" Q asked taking his gun off safety

Tylil sat there unfazed, not because he wasn't scared more so cause' he didn't care. Siah breathed heavily leaning back on the chair.

"someone explain before I air this bitch out,"

Q was known around the city for dealing and everything above. he was 6'2 darkskin, built pretty nice, and wore a chain with his moms picture. if you started dealing with him there was no way out of it.

"give me a second," Tylil cracked a smirk holding in his laugh

"we could pay you back, I swear," he said trying to make the situation easier

Tylil gave him a glare not understanding why he would even say that. the whole reason for stealing was because they didn't have any money.

not interrupting he let them talk listening

Q explained that they could work for him until he felt it was time for them to go. which wouldn't be anytime soon.

"come back on Friday and I'll have a drop for you," he said tucking his gun back

"stupid ass kids,"

they hurried up leaving out the building

2 weeks later....

"I can't keep doing this shit for his ass, we been in four fights within the last two weeks," Tylil huffed sitting on his bed

"you'll be aight niggas get shot everyday,"

ignoring him, Q sent a message to his phone asking him to "come alone". Siah got up putting his hoodie on

"yo, ima be back my moms want me,"

here's where everything went left.

Siah pulled up a chair sitting beside Q and the boy with the red hoodie who refused to show his face

"you no longer work with Tylil, new partner is Bakari," Q smirked watching his face lift up

"the fuck you mean? Tylil my brother nigga,"

"I want him out. time is ticking Siah,"

"you want me to kill him?"

"it's either that or I'll take both of you,"

at this point he felt threatened, he was in the middle of all of this. on top of that he couldn't say a word to Tylil about it because shit was getting hectic.

"nah," Siah shook his head laughing

Q, soon laid four pictures of Siah's mother while she was out the other day. gritting his teeth he got angry speaking up.

"the fuck I gotta do man! we gave you the money back,"

"this shit not a game Siah don't fuck with my money. I told you guys that right or wrong? Now Bakari here is willing to help you out, that way it's clean on your side,"

Bakari took his hood off his head revealing a large scar under his eye, from god knows what

Siah couldn't betray his best friend, the one he grew up with? never

"see the difference between you and him is you care, he doesn't. It's easier to push you to do shit, I like that, for me of course,"

and that stuck with him... he began to envy his on best friend.


once I found out Dimoni was Bakari's sister things got even worse. late nights or while Moni was sleep I would handle business with Bakari

(Flashback chapter 2)

"there's no reason to lie to us." I blurted out heating up the car

"I'm not lying to anyone. I barely know you two whatever is going on with me stay's my business." She replied honestly

"yet you're in my car," I smirked making a left

"whatever," she mumbled hearing her phone ring

Would like to FaceTime...

Moni soon got comfortable with me and told me about herself and what she had been through. I felt bad, of course but I couldn't let it get in the way with anything.

which distracted me from even working with Bakari, nigga say in my face and thanked me for taking care of his sister

Pierre was set out from Q, I figured that out after I killed it. shit was crazy

everything soon started to add up

I had to get everything done or he'd kill the ones that I loved most.


I only have three days left.



I gotta stop forgetting about y'all .

Okay bye.

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