Chapter 2

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"Mo Jiahua? Why am I here? " Ling Feitong was so shocked that he forgot the fact that he had just accepted his rebirth in a strange body.

With a cold face, Mo Jiahua extended his finger which was like a piece of art and scraped it on his neck. A trace of red blood fell on the pure white gloves.

"Who gave you the courage to call this king by his name?" He took a look at the bloodstain, took off the dirty gloves and threw them on the carpet.

His pair of emotionless black eyes examined the teenager sitting on the big black bed in a messy Nightgown, with his red lips slightly parted.

"Get out of here."

Ling Feitong opened his mouth. He suddenly realized that this body is Mo Jiahua's lover.

He was currently a lover without any status.

Mo Jiahua has a lover? How the hell is that possible? Then who is the one who shows his abstinence and self-respect? Or has he always misunderstood him?

Even in death Ling Feitong did not panic, but when he learned the news that was like a thunderbolt, Ling Feitong was at a loss.

His hands gripped at the edge of the quilt, and because of the strength of his fist, his joints turned white, and he seemed to tremble with fear.

"I see." Ling Feitong tried to hold back the anger that was about to gush out, he knows this time can't show even a bit of weakness.

Before his thoughts ran away from home, Ling Feitong climbed down from the big bed and went out barefoot from the luxurious room. After going out, he did not forget to close the door gently.

Ling Feitong stood beside the exquisite lace railing and looks at the servants who walk silently below. Suddenly, he felt as if time and space had somehow warped.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What the hell am I going to do now?

Ling Feitong was stunned in place for a long time. It was rare for a warrior who could wake up at any time in the middle of the night.

Soon, a middle-aged man in housekeeper's clothes came over in a hurry. Behind him were three doctors in white coats. The doctor was carrying a medicine box and was coming to see a patient.

Seeing Ling Feitong, the housekeeper Calvin hesitated between entering directly and inquiring about the situation outside.

Calvin went to Ling Feitong and asked, "what happened?"

Ling Feitong remembers this housekeeper. He should be regarded as an trustworthy housekeeper in the royal family of the Western dawn empire. Since he was with Mo Jiahua for more than ten years, he has become a retainer for him; earning all his trust.

Ling Feitong came back to his senses and pushed his long black hair from the front of his body disorderly and put it behind him. He smiled a gorgeous smile and said, "I angered your highness and might have even attacked him."

Calvin's face, which had never been startled, had a slight change of expression, which seemed quite inconceivable.

"Is your highness hurt?" Calvin did not ask why Ling Feitong attacked mojiahua.

"Possibly.. A small injury? " Ling Feitong thought back and said, "it's just a small opening."

Calvin felt something was abnormal. If it was just a small wound of this degree, he would not have been so riled up.

Calvin seemed to have thought of something. His face suddenly changed. He immediately turned and knocked at the door.

After hearing a "come in," Calvin opened the bedroom and led the three doctors through a gap that only allowed one person to pass through at a time.

Then the bedroom door slammed shut.

Ling Feitong couldn't see anything inside, nor did he plan to stay here. Instead, he wrapped up in the shameful gown and went downstairs as usual. He grabbed a passing maid and asked, "Hey, beauty, where's my room?"

The maid looked at his body, and immediately her face turned red. After reporting his room number, she ran away with her silver wine jug.

When the maid came to the corner, the maid next to her with the evening tea said with disgust: "Dressed like this, who would you seduce at night. Of all the lovers your Highness has, he is the most shameless one."

The maid with the silver pot quickly hissed and said, "Do you dare speak carelessly about his highness? Be careful not to get caught and get your tongue cut!."

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