10 - Surprise

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Track Ten: Surprise

Album: Thor

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Third Person

'Mr. Stark the council has made a decision.'

Tony stood next to Director Fury as they were surrounded by screens displaying five faces. All had their eyes and other facial features shielded in darkness, not that either of them minded, "I knew the fear of bankruptcy was good enough to make it a quick process" Tony chuckled, not showing a single sign of fear.

'We are denying your request' Alexander Pierce bluntly told him.

Tony blinked a couple times, "Excuse me?"

'Agent Rogers isn't fully stable. With her still growing we have no idea if any strange sort if occurrence could happen again' another told him. 

"I'm sorry, what?" Tony scoffed, "Did you say again?"

'Over the last five years Agent Rogers has had sudden occurrences happen,' the man began to flip through a file he had next to him. 'Three years ago on October eighth, Agent Rogers gained a large amount of stamina. Making her faster then any of our filed agents'

'On January third 2007 she lifted a fully loaded tank, with ease'

'December sixteenth 2006 Agent Rogers was able to speak fluent English after only learning the alphabet the day prior'

Tony rolled his eyes, "So she's gifted, what's the big deal?"

'Gifted isn't the problem Mr. Stark, the problem is we don't know what could be next. She's not human, she's a clone of a super soldier. She could possibly gain another unknown ability. A flip could switch in her brain and she could become an unstable killing machine' they all told him.

This caused Tony to actually laugh, "Come again, did you say kill? Little Diana? The girl who cried when she saw a needle? Kill?"

'Yes' they all stated simultaneously. 

'Mr. Stark, Agent Rogers could do more bad then good as of right now'

'We are keeping her on a strict training schedule just to prepare her for-'

"For the life threatening missions and assignments you're going to force her to do?" Tony cut them off.

'For her's and our safety,' Pierce let out a long sigh, 'Mr. Stark, Agent Rogers isn't being forced, she's being commanded by her officials. Her coding makes her follow orders'

"She's a kid-"

'She's a clone, Mr. Stark. She isn't human,' he shot back at the millionaire. 'And as far as we are aware she might not even have what some call as a soul'

"That kid has more of a soul then any of you do. She may be inhuman but she still deserves rights," Tony demanded them. "That kid has no idea what's going on out in the world because she's trapped inside"

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