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Infinity War x Modern! Reader ~ The Infinity Stones' Protector by JJules95
Infinity War x Modern! Reader ~ Jules
~COMPLETE~ #1 in Dr. Strange as of 6/16/2021 Infinity War: How did Thanos know the locations of all but one of the Infinity Stones? Well, reader, you are the key to unlo...
Black Panther, Animal by IronMan2105
Black Panther, Animalby IronMan2105
What happens when T'Challa stumbles upon a child deep in the woods after stoping a poaching a little too late, "I am sorry," Black Panther said to the now dea...
Avengers, unique by IronMan2105
Avengers, uniqueby IronMan2105
You all know Pepper Potts, assistant to Tony Stark, girl friend, co worker, smart pretty, oh and did I forget to mention mother, From a previous relationship Pepper has...
Avengers inferno by IronMan2105
Avengers infernoby IronMan2105
Kylie a four year old girl on the run, What happens when on the night she almost gets recaptured that she ends up drawing the attention of not only the god of mischief...
Avengers React to All Things MCU by GenZPremiumTrash
Avengers React to All Things MCUby GenZPremiumTrash
A mysterious weirdo (me) brings the Avengers, the Guardians if the Galaxy, Agent Carter and Co, and Peter and his classmates to the most cliche place- a theater. There...
Avengers Instagram (Includes A Lot Of Winterwidow, Spideychelle, And Bucky Love) by spectorsgrant
Avengers Instagram (Includes A ur mom
The timeline of this is messed up, but it will include things from Infinity War and Endgame without Civil War happening. So drop your socks and grab your crocks, we're a...
Queen Baddie (Descendants Love story) by Perksofbeingjune34
Queen Baddie (Descendants Love Perksofbeingjune34
In memory of Cameron Boyce Indira Munroe Udaku is the daughter of Storm and Black Panther and has her parents powers as well as her brother Azari T'chaka Munroe Udaku. S...
Marvel Interracial Imagines  by SadeAmour
Marvel Interracial Imagines by that.bastard.sadeee
I absolutely LOVE the whole Marvel Universe but there's not many imagine / preference books for my beautiful black queens who share my love for Marvel so this is for you...
Everlasting • Tony Stark✔️ by totsbreaux12
Everlasting • Tony Stark✔️by tots
Lyra Redfield has been pushed around ever since she cut ties with the famous Anthony Stark. When fate happens to bring them together again, she realizes just how little...
Black Panther Imagines {CLOSED} by all_time_fandom
Black Panther Imagines {CLOSED}by all_time_fandom
I finally watched Black Panther and I have never been happier to watch a movie. I love how humble and determined T'Challa is. Chadwick is an amazing actor, so I will be...
His Lioness by queen5768
His Lionessby True Amour
King of Wakanda Queen of England Black Ops Solider Hard working woman T'Challa is a warrior, her warrior. He had this undying need to protect her, though she didn't nee...
Tala || Black Panther by ali_2899
Tala || Black Pantherby ali_2899
I bet you've all heard of T'Challa, the Black Panther. I also bet you've all heard of Erik Killmonger, by now. But I bet you haven't heard of Erik's sister, Tala Killmon...
all the stars ✨ T'Challa Udaku by BrewerChantelle
all the stars ✨ T'Challa Udakuby #westan✨
"Love, let's talk about love Is it anything and everything you hoped for?" [started: 2/22/18] [ended: 8/21/19] oc x t'challa udaku [Black Panther...
Steve Rogers Imagines by TaylorHearted
Steve Rogers Imaginesby augustine
List of Steve Rogers imagines. I suck at descriptions, but Enjoy!!!
I Won't Say It (T'Challa Udaku) by Boring712
I Won't Say It (T'Challa Udaku)by Boring712
Dr.Ayesha 'Storm' Rhodes , born a mutant has been though a lot of hurt and pain in her life what happens when she finally meets someone who only wants to love her. Can s...
The Beast Within.  by bellasamted123
The Beast Within. by bellasamted123
In 1992, Ulysses Klaue not only took billions of dollars worth of Vibranium, he also took a baby from the out skirts of Wakanda, stealing her away from her family foreve...
Peter Parker Stories by NatF2003
Peter Parker Storiesby NatF2003
Includes one shots and stories about: - Field trip - Intern - Meeting the Avengers - Meeting other Marvel characters - Irondad and Spiderson - Au's - Other weird stuff T...
Void  (The Avengers) by -acciohorcrux
Void (The Avengers)by ˗ˏˋᴄᴀʀᴀˊˎ˗
❝Just because I'm smaller than you doesn't mean that I couldn't easily take you in a fight.❞ Subject: Carter May Number: 17 Age: Nine ...
We watched Our Lives on The Screen by schays_a_penguin
We watched Our Lives on The Screenby Schayisgay
I have gathered various marvel characters together to watch their pasts, presents and futures. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of this save for my OC Loraine. All rights go...
Marvel Smut by CaptainSRogers95
Marvel Smutby capsteverogers
This is going to contain a lot of smut based on your fave Marvel characters and the actors that play these characters. I will be open to taking request as well as any cr...