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Jimin's Pov

"Should I get a new hair colour??"

"Maybe on birthday."


I turn towards my bedroom door.


"God tae , I could hear you from Paris."





"They are so god damn good looking."


He started typing on Google some shit I guess.

"Min Jungkook

Except being the brother of Min's Empire president 'Min Yoongi' . He is the most triumphant and richest CEO of the world . More than great looks , good personality and a sense of style , Min Jungkook is the man.
He is also the young gun of Min's Empire 'THE LUCKY CHARM'.

The perfect guy with those esque looks , hunky persona and ace attitude is close to impossible but being the brother of one and only Min Seok Jin , nothing is impossible."

"Wow I'm impressed."

"No you aren't till you look at his pic ,here look."


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I turn towards mirror to complete setting my hair.

"You know what??! , You don't get his beauty."

Taehyung huffs , but still continues.

"His brother , the president of the Min Empire 'MIN YOONGI' is in row four times holder of 'Business Man Of The Year' award and he is just 20 God What's Going On."

"Wait he is just 20 , then what about this guy?!"

I pointed towards his phone's screen.

"His name is 'jungkook' , 19
Can You Believe It??."

"Not just that , Mr.Min is the world richest bachelor , Owning zillion worth Min's Empire."

Tae gives me his boxy smile.
And start typing something again.

"Min Yoongi

Brother of Min Seok Jin , this twenty-year-old buisness tycoon is all things dreamy.

From king of buisness , to real royalty this guy is every girl's and boy's Prince Charming fantasy.A king for the king you are, yes please!"

Taehyung looks at me , and smirks.

He push his hand forward to close my gaping mouth.

I'm drooling without even looking at his photo.

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